Ella's Add-A-Pearl Necklace

We're thrilled to receive this story from Ashley Conrad about the Add-A-Pearl necklace she started for her daughter Ella. Thank you Ashley for brightening our day with your beautiful daughter's smile. Here's Ashley's story:

Birthday pearls full of love from mommy and daddy

photo of Ella from Easter 2016

"My daughter Ella will be 3 years old on June 24. We got her a starter necklace with her first Pearl for her first birthday. We really wanted to start a tradition that was unique (not your typical charm bracelet, coins, etc) and special. It just so happens a pearl is her birthstone so this was perfect!! Not only does Ella get a pearl each birthday, but she gets one for special occasions like after she took her first steps, Christmas, Easter, and one from baby brother Ethan when he was born!

We take a picture of her and her pearl each time she receives one. I am going to make a scrapbook with all the pictures and give to her when she gets her necklace. We are planning on giving the necklace to her either for graduation or on her wedding day."

Pearls are a thoughtful gift of love

photo of Ella on her 3rd birthday with mommy, daddy, and brother Ethan

Thank you Ashley for sharing your story with us. We love to see smiling faces. 

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