Top 5 Ideas for Creative Gift Giving

Santa folding his hands and wearing white gloves

The holiday season is nearly upon us, and there's nothing we enjoy more than giving gifts, especially when they involve Add-A-Pearl cultured pearl necklaces! One thing we've learned over the years from customers and friends is that there's definitely more than one way to give a gift. If you're thinking about getting more creative with your gift-giving this year, then you'll want to keep reading for five unique ideas!

1. Secret Santa

The Secret Santa gift exchange will turn everyone into sneaky elves. While everyone has their own variation on the rules for this game, Secret Santa technically only has one rule - the identity of the gift-giver must remain anonymous until the gift is opened. Sometimes a price limit is set. Participants come together to write their name on a piece of paper, and each participant randomly draws a name - that's the person for whom they must buy a gift. These days, you can even play from afar by using a Secret Santa Name Generator and then mailing the gift.

2. Grab Bags

Grab bags are another popular and underutilized gift exchange idea. Everyone will bring a wrapped gift to the party and hide it from view. Once all the gifts have been gathered, each person will choose a gift based solely on the packaging. Then everyone will take turns opening their gifts. Participants are encouraged to give unusually-shaped gifts or to wrap them in a deceptive way, keeping the activity fun and interesting.

3. Theme Gifting

Coming up with a theme for a gift exchange makes holiday shopping since participants must shop within certain parameters. Not only is theme gifting convenient, but it also adds a playful and memorable twist. Here are some ideas worth considering for your upcoming gift exchange:

Color: Pick a color, and everyone buys a gift in that color. The color theme will be full of surprises, since the gift could be anything from candy to accessories or clothing. A white gift might be the gift of a personalized pearl necklace!

The Greatest Memory: The greatest memory theme is one of our favorites. For this theme you will give a gift that reminds you of the best memory you have with the recipient. No matter what gift you give, it will hold an abundance of sentimental value and feel truly personal.

4. Scavenger Hunt

This year, make unwrapping gifts even more fun by turning your gift exchange into a scavenger hunt. Scavenger hunts are a perfect holiday activity that can be customized to suit every age group. Although organizing a scavenger hunt can be time consuming, it’s way more fun and memorable than gathering around a room for gift-opening. You can visit this page for a printable list of scavenger hunt clues.

5. Holiday Trivia

Do you and your loved ones enjoy playing trivia games? If so, you can organize a holiday version that involves the exchanging of gifts. has all the instructions for setting up your Holiday Trivia Party. First, you'll need a variety of Christmas trivia and answers; you can purchase these from trivia websites, or you can designate a family member "moderator" to compile the questions and answers from Google. Everyone must bring a gift to the party. Then, when someone guesses a trivia answer correctly, he or she will be able to choose a gift from the gift pile or even steal a gift from someone else. That person isn't allowed to answer any more questions but could be subject to gift "thievery".

Which of these creative gift-giving traditions sounds the most fun and interesting to you? If you want to add an extra-special gift to the mix, you can consider purchasing an Add-a-Pearl cultured pearl starter necklace and set your loved one on a journey to build a beautiful pearl necklace strand.


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