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Cultured Starter Necklace

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Customer Reviews

In memory
In memory
A good friend lost her precious baby girl at six weeks old. Our group of friends wanted to do something for our friend to keep the memory of her daughter with her. On the date of her first birthday we gave her a necklace with a single pearl. Each year that passs we add a pearl to her necklace. She has six pearls so far. She wears it on special days that they would have shared together. We are so grateful for such a special way to memorialize this sweet baby girl.
birthday gift
my husband and i give they special little ladies in our life a pearl for each birthday. it is meaningful way for us to remember them as they turn a year older.
Cherished memories
I purchased two of these necklaces, one for each of my daughters. I buy them additional pearls each Birthday, Valentine's Day and she Christmas. The necklaces and pearls are beautiful and the customer service is excellent. Adding pearls to the necklace is an easy process and the free gift wrap is pretty. Shipping is always fast. I would highly recommend this product to anyone with a little girl.
Megan R
Great gift
We love this gift for our daughters and God daughters. It is a meaningful gift they get for each birthday and major life event. Seems so much nicer than another toy. Service is great and pearls quickly arrive beautifully gift wrapped.
Kellie L.
Great gift that keeps on giving
I bought this for my Goddaughter at her baptism, and each year on her baptism day I gift her with 3 more pearls (to represent the Holy Trinity). The staff is always very helpful when I call to place my order and the gift is always packaged nicely and well-received.
Dian S
Building Beauty
Building necklaces for my granddaughters each birthday makes me feel like I am giving them something lasting rather than a toy that is a duplicate, broken or tossed aside in no time at all. Something shared as time goes by.
Pam P
Lifetime gift
I got one of these as a young child and wore it for many milestone events, including my wedding. Now I am buying them for my nieces as a baptism gift to start the tradition for the next generation. :-)
Anna J
Tradition in the making!
I started a necklace for my neice! I am excited how simple and quick it is to add more pearls! Hope to see her wear it on her wedding day in the many years to come!
Stephanie Hoheisel
Beautiful New Tradition
I purchased a starter necklace for my niece for her baptism. It was beautifully packaged and personalized with her name on the envelope. My family and I thought it was very beautiful and hope to continue this new tradition!

The perfect gift
A friend gave me the idea of starting an add a pearl necklace for my niece when she was born. I loved the idea and quickly found this company. It was exactly what I wanted. It's great that they track all of the necklace info so it's on hand when I need to order again. Absolutely no complaints. My niece will have a beautiful necklace when she is older!

Grandma H
Why I chose Add-a-Pearl necklaces for my granddaughters...
My granddaughters are 12 and 7. I started their necklaces a few years ago because I wanted to give them something special, something of value and something personal from me to them. As they get older, books, toys and clothing are either handed down or discarded and the meaning of a gift is probably lost. Each of the girls loves her single pearl to wear right now. Every special occasion and holiday they receive pearls for their necklaces. The memories of receiving additional pearls for specific occasions is fun for them... A beautiful box delivered to their home! We are looking forward to completing each string of pearls by the time they each turn 18. They will have something from their grandma that will last their lifetime. It is so important to me that my granddaughters have something special from me that lets them know I love and care for them, even after I am gone.
Kelly T.
Perfect Gift!
I bought my first pearl and starter necklace for my niece for her first birthday and have bought one every year since. My brother and sister in law love it. It's something that her only aunt (she has 6 uncles) will be able to cherish with her forever.
Alicia J
Perfect gift
I bought this for my nieces first birthday and will continue to add to it every year till she's 18. It's beautiful, and I can't wait for her to wear it when she's older.
Girls, at last!
I am 68 years old and still proudly wear my Add-A-Pearl necklace begun on the day of my christening in 1949. Not completely filled but that's the way I like it. Finally, after 4 generations - we have girls, and twins to boot. I will make their christening gowns and proudly put their necklaces on on their christening day this spring. I am SO excited.
Lindsey K
Perfect Gift
I bought this for my god daughter/niece for her baptism. That was her first pearl. I can not wait to continue to add to her necklace. My sister in law and brother in law loved the gift. It was a big hit with our whole family and we can't wait to continue to build her necklace in hopes to fill it before her 16th birthday.
Penny D.
Great idea!
I wanted to start something special for my granddaughter. A friend suggested this. What a great idea!! To me this is a much more meaningful gift than toys and something with value she can hand down to her children. I look forward to seeing her wear her full necklace....perhaps on her wedding day :-)
Jaimie T.
Amazing Gift
I began the Starter Necklace for my niece's first birthday present. It has given me an easy gift idea for her birthdays and holidays, so I don't need to stress about getting her an outfit that will only fit for two months or a toy that she will ignore.

I love thinking about how someday she will cherish this necklace and remember all of the wonderful occasions each pearl represents. Her birthdays, Christmases, first communion, prom, graduation.. the list goes on! I hope that someday when the necklace is complete she can pass it on to her own daughter to keep the tradition alive.
Lauren George
Wonderful Product!
I recently purchased a pearl starter necklace from the add-a-pearl website. This is actually my second starter necklace from add-a-pearl. I now have two special pieces that my daughters have received for their first birthdays and that I can add onto as they grow. I know they will love these necklaces and appreciate that their daddy and I invested in such a meaningful gift through the years. So thankful for a product like add-a-pearl that makes it easy to add onto their necklace each year and keep up with the pearls we have already purchased!

Thank you so much for a wonderful product!

Lauren George
Shelli Hallman
Such a good replacement to toys
I started this necklace for my Niece and will continue to do so for future Nieces, every year for her birthday we add a pearl. I feel this is a perfect replacement to the abundance of toys they receive.
Excellent gift idea!
We are building an add-a-pearl necklace for our Goddaughter, and love that in a few years, she will have a nice piece of jewelry that she can wear for years to come! I was given my first set of pearls as a teenager, and love that we can keep the tradition alive!
Wonderful products, reliable efficient customer service
Back in 2013 I ordered a starter necklace for my first granddaughter. Now three years later I have 3 beautiful granddaughters and due to the wonderful first experience with Add-a-Pearl I have now started necklaces for all three of my precious girls
Great Gift Idea for Goddaughter!
I bought the Cultured Starter Necklace for my Goddaughter as a baptism gift. Everyone loved the idea and asked about "Add-A-Pearl." It is the perfect gift for that little girl that has every toy on the market and way more clothes than she will ever wear. I love the fact that I don't have to stress out over what gift to buy her and that she will have this beautiful keepsake to wear as she grows older. I will continue to refer "Add-A-Pearl" as an awesome gift solution to my friends.
Favorite Gift
Great customer service and quality! Perfect gift for anyone.
Prompt delivery, gorgeous quality. Such a great, classic gift to give! Customer service was a pleasure to work with.
When my son started dating his now wife, he completed her Add A Pearl necklace that was started for her as a child. Going forward a few years - I decided that when my first granddaughter was born I'd continue the tradition and began the Emerson Rose necklace for her. When her sister was born I started the Adler Grace necklace for her. What a beautiful & elegant gift to present to them and in their later years they will have something to share with their children. Thank you!
"Pearls are always appropriate" A direct quote from Jackie Kennedy Onassis
I love that quote and knew this would be the perfect gift for my goddaughter. I called in and spoke to someone who was very helpful and very nice. The item was being shipped and she assured me that it would be gift wrapped and the card would be handwritten. A personal touch that I really appreciated! The necklace was beautiful! I look forward to adding pearls every year. Thank you Add A Pearl!
Candis Schoenberg
Love this for my daughter
My daughter got this gift from her god parents at her baptism and she is 4 now....she has gotten several pearls as gifts and from me her mother...this is a great gift to grow as she grows and treasure! The pearls are amazing quality
Great Child-Teen Growth Gift
I have been purchasing pearls for my God- daughter since she was born, going on five years now! I love the fact she will have a beautiful necklace when she is older. Thank You for helping me with a gift that lasts a lifetime!
Kendra Berube
Lovely necklace
I buy the pearls for my two granddaughters. Hopefully I will be able to complete them, but the necklaces are lovely as they are now.

I also want to thank the personnel they are so helpful and have always been so courteous when I have needed assistance.
Donna Parker
Perfect and Easy!
I am so glad a friend told me about your company when our granddaughter was born. This is the ideal gift. Something she can have for a lifetime and a remembrance of those who added pearls to complete the necklace. The process is easy, the employees helpful and friendly and patient. I order and you deliver in a flash, in a gift box with sentiments from us on the card. Can't get better than that.

Megan Brewer
Beautiful Tradition
We knew when our niece was born that we wanted to do something extra special for her and Add-a-Pearl was perfect! We love that we can add another pearl for every special occasion and milestone! The customer service is outstanding, as well as, the timely shipping and beautifully wrapped boxes the pearls come in. We couldn't be happier with our choice to start this beautiful tradition with Add-a-Pearl!
Special Gift!
I was looking for a special gift for my first grandbaby for her first birthday. I found the perfect gift at Add-a-Pearl! I look forward to adding pearls on special occasions and giving it to her one day as a very special gift from me to her! Beautiful necklace and great service!!!
Megan DeYoung
Treasure of a Lifetime
I am thrilled that I have discovered Add-A-Pearl! My daughter just turned one and her necklace is well on it's way to becoming a precious keepsake from those that love her. The necklace is beautiful and the pearls are perfect. I plan to start one for my son for us to giveaway to his special someone someday!
Maureen Kilgore
Perfect gift!
Perfect gift for my nieces! I bought them the starter kits when they were born and buy a pearl of every birthday and Christmas! Great company and great product!
Laurel D
A special gift
I have been buying pearls from add-a-pearl for 3 years for my two granddaughters. I love the product and know my granddaughters will treasure their necklaces when they're older and they will remember me long after I'm gone. This thought brings me much joy.
Jen T
I love this company!
I started a pearl necklace for my Goddaughter and starting it on this website was the best thing I ever did! Life gets crazy so it's hard to make time to actually go shopping sometimes, especially when you have deadlines like a birthday or any other special event. I purchase a pearl for all of her birthdays and some other holidays. This site makes it SO easy to order it, you write personal messages AND they wrap them for you! I absolutely love pearls and the product you guys sell is spot on. Great product, easy ordering, fast delivery and friendly customer service! Thank you!
Deborah C
Delighted With Custom Order
I just received my necklace. I am doubly delighted with the results. It is very similar to my Mom's necklace style, yet uniquely my own. Thank you for helping me customize it and for the quick delivery.
I am wearing it now and will enjoy it for years to come.
Many thanks for a beautiful and quality piece of jewelry.
Special gift
I was looking for a special gift for my one year old granddaughter. This fit the bill just perfect and I loved the way it looked and the quality of it!!! I will be adding a pearl each birthday and maybe a Christmas here and there to build her a beautiful necklace to perhaps where when she graduates High School, College, and get married. I love the idea and the product. Thank you so much for such a sweet special gift idea!
Marla Upchurch
Love my necklace
I am so happy with my Add-A-Pearl necklace. It's such a great idea and the customer service is excellent.
Go Direct.
This is a traditional and wonderful gift. I knew that I wanted to start one for our niece. I unfortunately waited too long to order. So I had to go to a local jeweler who carries the Add-A-Pearl. Well they may have the pearls, but they are older than my parents and had no necklaces to show me. So I went direct and was able to pick out the perfect chain and starter pearl. When it came there were pearl care directions and mailing directions and so much more than the local shop offered. Wonderful, Beautiful, Thank you.
I bought this for my wife. She has wanted to do this for a while now and our anniversary seemed perfect. She was extremely happy, the initialed clasp was a very nice addition to personalize it even more. Great company and great product.
D. Hooper
So sweet
I was looking for a gift for my surrogate. We wanted her to know each year on my child's birthday that she was thought of and loved. We are so happy with our choice and he necklace is beautiful.
Maryann K
Perfect Gift
As a grandmother to a beautiful little girl I was looking for something unique and special just for her from her Mimi. The Add-a-Pearl idea was given to me from a friend. I couldn't be more pleased with the quality and beauty of this product. I just got her second pearl added for her #2 birthday. For each birthday we will have this special tradition. The company representatives have been wonderful and the process is so easy!! I highly recommend Add-a-Pearl.
Susan B
Very pleased with purchase
Bought Addapearl necklace for my great nieces baptism. Her mother was very happy and is looking forward to adding pearls to her daughters necklace. She received an Addapearl necklace from her aunt 26 years ago. She still wears it.
Cindy S
I was searching for a gift for my granddaughter's first birthday and I would be able to add to over the years and she would cherish forever. I found Add-a-pearl. Being a lover of pearls I thought this was the perfect way to start a tradition and honor my love of pearls. I will add to this necklace for years to come and the pearls are beautiful. I already asked a few questions and my questions were answered promptly. Looking forward to watching this necklace grow.
Susan Messina
Great Customer Service
Wish I knew name of representive that helped me today great advice and very helpful as always when I call Thanks Sue
My Granddaughter
In my granddaughter's words: "It is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen!" That says it all for me!

I bought this for my granddaughter's first birthday. The necklace came beautifully wrapped. The necklace itself is beautiful and will be a wonderful tradition to add pearls to it each year. I have one from when I was young and it is lovely and fun to wear.
Amazing Memories!
I just received this in the mail to give to my niece for her first birthday and I LOVE IT! My sister in law and brother cried when I gave it to them! I can not wait to carry on this tradition every year with her until her necklace is complete!
Robin H
Carrying on the tradition
I purchased the Addapearl necklace for my granddaughter's first birthday and it is beautiful! My mother in law purchased Addapearl necklaces for all of the "girl" granddaughters --adding pearls at each birthday. We have years worth of pictures with my two daughters, their grandmother, and their "growing" necklaces.It was truly a highlight at each birthday and the necklace was finished at their 18th birthday. My oldest daughter used pearls as a theme for her wedding, asking all the female family members to wear their necklaces at her wedding. It is truly a family heirloom and I'm excited to carry on the tradition with my first grandchild.
Perfect gift !
I bought my first add a pearl necklace 30 years ago for my daughter and niece and now as adults it is a treasure for them. Now I have a great niece and I've now purchased one for her. The perfect memory gift and so beautiful! Lori
Jenna P
I ordered this necklace, along with a personalized clasp, for my goddaughter 2 years ago; and have recently ordered the same for my daughter for her 1st birthday. The necklace is delicate and so beautiful and I am looking forward to the day where she can actually wear and appreciate it.
Susan M
I purchase these for my granddaughters first birthdays. I was hesitant as I have been able to locate vintage previously(I loved mine but unfortunately lost) and was worried about quality. Unnecessary! I was very pleasantly surprised and can't wait to order for my next two little ones!
Bobbie Lee
I purchased this for my granddaughter. She is turning 7 this Sunday and I am very excited to continue adding pearls so she hopefully wear it a lot but especially on her wedding day in the future. Ya'll were very helpful in helping me decide on size and clasps. Thank you.
Starter Necklace
Happy with the purchase. Expensive, but would recommend if you're looking for quality.
Starter necklaces and pearl
I bought this for my nieces birthday and I am so glad I did. It was even more beautiful in person and makes for such a beautiful tradition and keep sake. Everyone loved the idea of starting the necklace and adding a new pearl every ocasion. Will definitely be buying more pearls and starter necklaces for other family members
Kelley D.
I had an Addapearl necklace from my grandma when I was a child so I was excited to start a one for my daughter's 1st birthday. I love my necklace and hope she'll love hers too. It is beautiful!