How to Style Pearl Jewelry for Both Day and Evening Wear

Scarlett Johansson wearing a simple strand of pearls.

A custom pearl necklace can be a meaningful jewelry gift for a daughter or other loved one. Her eyes will light up once she opens her thoughtful gift and begins to dream about all the different ways she’ll be able to enjoy it throughout her life.

The moment your loved one opens her new gift is surely a fun and special one, but she’ll probably have even more fun wearing and styling her cultured pearl necklace, which can grow with her as her style develops and evolves over the years. It's nice to imagine how she'll style her pearls on her graduation day versus how she'll style her pearls on her wedding day.

If your loved one is new to wearing jewelry, she might not be sure how to incorporate her new pearl necklace into her wardrobe. One way that you can bond with your loved one is to teach her how she can style her pearl jewelry, both for day and evening wear. Even if she’s not old enough to wear work attire, evening dresses, or date-night outfits, she’ll be able to dream about the day when she’ll be able to wear her pearl jewelry with her “big girl” clothes.

In this blog post, we share some tips that you can pass on to your loved one. You can also benefit from the tips yourself if you’re wondering how to wear pearl jewelry in a stylish way!

Pearl Jewelry for Daytime Wear

Some people only save their pearl jewelry for special occasions, but the truth is that most pearl jewelry can and should be worn everyday (read our blog post about pearl care to discover why pearls should be worn often), even with an outfit as casual as a t-shirt and jeans.

If you’re not particularly daring with your fashion choices, you can always opt for a strand of pearls or a single pearl necklace, which looks good with any outfit, especially if you have a modest neckline that won’t compete with the jewelry. If you’re more of a fashionista, try playing with pearl trends like colored pearls, chunky pearls, or layered pearls. You'll also want to consider the length of your pearl necklace. Shorter necklaces tend to be more appropriate for daytime wear, while longer necklaces feel more glamorous, beautiful when draped elegantly for special occasions. Shorter necklaces can also be layered with other necklaces from your jewelry box; layering lends itself to a more fun and casual look.

The softness of pearls always looks great with sumptuous fabrics like cashmere, velvet, and silk, so you can easily pair pearls with a work blouse or favorite sweater. Don’t feel like you have to match your pearl necklace with your earrings or bracelet, since too many pearls can feel “matchy-matchy”. Pearl necklaces always look great with diamond stud earrings or a simple gold or silver bangle. Once you let go of the idea that pearls are formal, you’ll naturally start incorporating them into your go-to wardrobe staples.

Pearl Jewelry for Evening Wear

Versatile and classic, a simple strand of pearls or a single pearl necklace can be worn during the day and also dressed up for nighttime wear. The beauty of pearls is that they can be simple when you don’t want them to compete with an elegant gown, or they can be opulent and luxurious if you’re going for a glammed-up, red carpet look.

When wearing pearls for a special occasion, you may want to consider incorporating other pearl details into your look - like pearl buttons on gloves or pearls on hair pins or other hair accessories. A pearl-embellished evening bag can also add another layer of elegance to your complete outfit. Pearl-studded shoes can be a fun and unique touch.

Once you start shopping for pearls, you’ll start to see that the style options are endless. Sometimes, pearls are combined with diamonds for extra sparkle, and the designs don’t just stop at strands. In fact, today’s pearl jewelry designers are experimenting with creations that outshine some of the most coveted couture runway gowns.

You may have never realized that there are so many ways to wear pearls, but your favorite way to wear pearls is always the best way. What’s your favorite pearl-friendly outfit? If you don't already have a pearl necklace in your wardrobe, we encourage you to start your custom pearl necklace here.

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