Alivia's Gotcha Day

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There are so many meaningful stories about starting an Add-A-Pearl necklace. Here’s a special story from Stacy Tiefenauer-Wilfong , from Boone Terre, MO, about the necklace she started for her daughter, Alivia on Gotcha Day.

 “We had tried for years to have a baby with no luck. Fertility treatments, multiple doctors, miscarriages, etc...nothing worked! We were giving my body a break and a friend of mine knew a girl who wanted to give her baby up for adoption. We met with her and it seemed like a perfect fit! The day we met the birth mom and she was 30 weeks pregnant and our sweet baby girl Alivia was born 7 weeks after the initial visit. Talk about a whirlwind!!! 7 weeks to completely prepare for a baby. She was born on January 6 and we were discharged from the hospital and headed straight to her baby shower! The 5 pound bundle of joy attended her own baby shower! The adoption process takes 6 months and I knew we had to plan something fantastic for the miracle that had just blessed our lives. I had read about "gotcha day" celebrations for older adopted kids and decided that's what we would do. So not only does she have her own special birthday celebration on January 6 she also has her own "gotcha day" on July 20. The 6 months for the adoption to be finalized I searched for the perfect gift to give her,. My dad had bought me a music box for Christmas every year but that's something I would have to store. I thought about dolls but that again takes up space and I wanted something very meaningful. When I found add-a-pearl, I knew immediately it was the perfect gift. We buy her pearls every year and the plan is to have it ready for her to wear on her wedding day. So we had a "Summer Just Got Sweeter" themed gotcha day party right after the final hearing and she received her first pearl! She's only 4 now so she opens the gift every year and gets excited about the necklace and then we put it up until the next year. Next month she will get the same necklace for the 4th time with more pearls and I can't wait to see what she says. She's so funny right now she will probably question why she gets the same necklace every year. She doesn't understand adoption yet but we will tell her she's adopted and I'm hoping the Add-A-Pearl necklace will add a deeper meaning to the entire situation when it does occur.”

Thank you for sharing your story with us Stacy. We’re honored you have chosen Add-A-Pearl as such a meaningful part of your life.

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