Pearls: The Perfect Gift for your Flower Girls

You’ve chosen a little family member or dear friend’s daughter to be the flower girl in your wedding. What gift can you give this sweet and special little girl to thank her for participating in your wedding ceremony? 

Add-A-Pearl is a timeless tradition that is ideal for exactly this sort of important occasion.

She’s got the perfect little dress, perhaps made to match yours or to mirror the colors you’ve chosen for your bridesmaids and maid or matron of honor. Is she going to melt hearts dropping petals down the aisle before you walk to meet your love to exchange vows? Or carry a pretty nosegay and hopefully walk sweetly with the ring bearer?

Perhaps you or your fiancee have a large extended family and you had to include a couple of nieces, cousins, or siblings to be Flower Girls. What ideal and meaningful gifts can you select as a keepsake for each Flower Girl?

Traditionally many brides wear pearls on their wedding day, a symbol of lasting love and promise that seems particularly fitting for such a momentous day that pledges a lifetime of fidelity. Even if you aren’t wearing a strand of pearls on your wedding day, starting an Add-A-Pearl necklace for the girls in your wedding party is meaningful. 

You can present it to her, sharing with her what the pearls signify and how much you appreciate her participation in your wedding. As you explain how the Add-A-Pearl tradition works and that she can receive more pearls to add to her necklace in years to come, suggest to her that perhaps if she marries someday she might decide to wear that same necklace as a bride. 

Whether the Flower Girls are tiny tots, school-age, or young teens they - and their parents - will appreciate that you have given a beautiful piece of jewelry they can wear for your wedding day and other special days. Receiving a fine pearl necklace will make them feel grown-up and important. It is a gift that lets them have something to show the guests at your wedding and treasure for many years to come. 

Honor your Flower Girls with the gift of Add-A-Pearl!

The best part of an Add-A-Pearl necklace is that it grows with each young woman. Other family members may decide to add to the necklace, with each pearl building a legacy of love she will have to pass along to future generations. 

This is a truly thoughtful gift for a very memorable celebration. You could even decide to add pearls to her necklace each year on the anniversary of your wedding or on your milestone anniversary years. 

Looking for the perfect gift for your Flower Girl? Start the timeless Add-A-Pearl tradition for the special girls in your wedding party or contact the Add-A-Pearl team at (855) 392-6640 for assistance.


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