Jerelyn's Add-A-Pearl Story

It's stories like this one we received from Jerelyn that make us so very, very proud of the work we do at Add-A-Pearl. We're so grateful! Thank you for sharing, Jerelyn:

“Preparing for my son’s wedding, I wanted to give something special to my new daughter-in-law to celebrate her wedding day... This was my chance to continue the Add-a-Pearl legacy in my family, one of my most cherished possessions.

My Add-a-Pearl story began when relatives and friends gave pearls to my sister and me as newborn gifts and later as birthday or holiday gifts. Later, my mother divided her necklace between us to create a 27 and 29 pearl legacy for us... That necklace was with me for more than 50 years and had such sentimental value! 

Fast forward to the wedding in 2015. I could think of no better gift for my new daughter-in-law, and promptly purchased a new necklace for her to wear on her wedding day... The Add-a-Pearl legacy continues in my family and both of us continue to receive compliments on our delicate and unique necklaces with a personal story cherished by both of us!”

Below are some beautiful photos from Hannah and Graham's spectacular day, including one of Jerelyn and Hannah, both wearing their special Add-A-Pearl pearl necklaces.

A beautiful photo of Hannah and Graham on their wedding day

Jerelyn on her wedding day in 1982

New bride wearing her Add-A-Pearl necklace

Girls love pearls

Gifts to welcome your daughter-in-law with pearls


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