From Baptism to Graduation

Amanda is wearing her completed Add A Pearl necklace with her cap and gown at her college graduation.

Thank you to Dawn Bruner for sharing her lovely story with us.

"My mother started the add-a-pearl natural necklace for Amanda when she was baptized in August, 1997. She bought pearls for birthdays and Christmas until she passed in February, 2002. We have continued to purchase pearls to complete the necklace in my mom’s memory – including birthdays, Christmas, special occasions – becoming a teen, sweet 16, 18th, 21st, high school graduation and the LAST we have just added is college graduation.

Amanda wore the necklace for a few special occasions over the years, including for her high school senior pictures and a few special occasions before that. It’s a memorable piece. And we will give it to her to wear on her college graduation day, May 4, 2019.

Amanda and my mom had a special bond, they laughed together, talked, recited nursery rhymes … unfortunately her early passing, at age 74 and Amanda 5, left us with a lot of wonderful memories but cut their time together so short. 

Other special collections – I have a set of Spode dinner ware and purchase the yearly holiday plate but otherwise she has no other specific collectibles that have been carried on her almost 22 years of life which is why her necklace is so sentimental to her."

written by: Dawn Bruner, Indian Island, SC.


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