Pearls On Hold

Giving Pearls Is Elegantly Easy!

What is Pearls On Hold?

With Pearls On Hold, we hold your pearl order until you're ready to send the necklace to us to have the new pearls added.

pearl necklace

How it Works

1. Choose the Pearls

Choose the Additional Pearls you'd like to gift. Check the Pearls On Hold box on your order which lets us know you're sending your necklace to us.

additional pearls on a card

2. Add A Personal Gift Message

Before you checkout, enter your message in the gift message box for your order. 

3. Send Your Necklace to Us

Fill out the About Your Necklace Form and enclose it with your package. We'll add your new pearls and ship it right back to you.

form and shipping

Frequently Asked Questions

Once your necklace arrives, normally it takes between 3-7 business days to add new pearls.

Yes, you may keep as many orders on hold as you like.

You can keep your pearls on hold as long as you'd like. We have had many orders remain on hold for several years until enough pearls have been accumulated to complete a full strand of pearls.

Yes, please contact us at or call 855-392-6640 if you would like to make any changes to your order.

The shipping charge on your Pearls On Hold order is for the return shipping -- back to you -- once your new pearls have been added. If you are planning to keep multiple Pearls On Hold, shipping will only be charged on your first order.