Necklace Form

Before sending your necklace to Add-A-Pearl, Please provide the following information:
Contact Information:

Return address (if different than above)

About Your Necklace:

The additional pearls are...

What color chain is the chain on your necklace?

Would you like your necklace shortened at this time?

(Any pieces of chain removed from your necklace will be returned to you)

Please send to:

Juergens & Andersen,the Add-A-Pearl Company 29E.Madison Street, Suite 1650
Chicago, IL 60602


Call us at 855-392-6640


Directions for Adding Pearls to Your Necklace

1. Complete the About Your Necklace / Send In Form

2. Carefully Wrap Your Necklace

Wrap your necklace in soft tissue or a padded envelope to protect the pearls and to keep the chain from tangling.

3. Package and Ship Your Necklace

The easiest option:

Enclose the About Your Necklace Form and your necklace in a shipping box. Do not ship necklaces in envelopes.

If using UPS or FedEx, take it to your local Drop-off Center to insure and ship.

If you have any questions about how to add pearls, please email us at or call us toll free at 855-392-6640. We will be happy to assist. Your email will be answered within 24 hours.

4. Email Acknowledgment

An email acknowledgement will be sent to you once the we receive your necklace.

5. Contact When Your Order is Ready

A member of our Customer Care Team will contact you when your necklace is ready, usually within a couple of days.

6. Your Restrung Add-A-Pearl Necklace Arrives!

Your necklace will be cleaned and inspected as a complimentary service provided by the Add-A-Pearl Company.

Your necklace will then be returned to you using FedEx Ground Shipping($6.95 with in the U.S.). If you prefer expedited shipping we also offer 2-day or overnight shipping upon request.


Call us at 855-392-6640


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