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the beginning

1854...The Beginning

Over 150 years ago, a German family by the name of Juergens arrived in Chicago–considered the metropolis of the Midwest with only about 65,000 people at the time. The family, a father and his six children, were members of a famous family who had been renowned in Germany as silversmiths for nearly 300 years, where the father had been a silversmith in his native land of Oldenburg. His son Paul–then twenty-one years old—was destined to achieve extraordinary success as a jewelry manufacturer in Chicago and had been trained in his father’s workshop.

Paul was the first member of the family to seek his fortune in the New World, arriving in New York in 1850 where he worked at his trade until 1854. It was shortly after Paul’s arrival that the elder Juergens and the other children arrived in New York and settled in Chicago, soon opening Juergens & Andersen Manufacturing Jewelers in the back of 77 Lake Street. The business would later be known as the Juergens & Andersen Company.

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