The Add-A-Pearl Process

Starting the Tradition

Add-A-Pearl necklaces are usually started with 1, 3 or more pearls on a chain. You can choose to add a personal touch with an engraved charm or you may choose to enhance the starter necklace with a beautiful diamond or gold filigree clasp.

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Receiving your Necklace

Every necklace will arrive in our signature Add-A-Pearl necklace box, including an attractive booklet with information about the time-honored tradition of Add-A-Pearl. In addition we’ll send along a padded envelope to safely send the necklace back to us when you are ready to add pearls.

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Adding Pearls to an Existing Necklace

Additional pearls can be purchased to mark the special occasions in your favorite girl’s life. From her first birthday to becoming a beautiful bride, pearl additions can be added one at a time or you may wish to collect several pearls to add in groupings at a later date.

To add pearls to her necklace, there are two options: Traditional Method & Pearls On-Hold Method

Two Methods for Adding Pearls

Traditional Gift Method

We'll send her gift of pearls in an Add-A-Pearl signature box with information about how to send the new pearls and necklace to us for stringing. Every box also contains information about the type, fine quality, and size of the pearls. Complimentary gift wrapping is available.

Pearls On-Hold Method

When you order using Pearls On-Hold, we will keep the pearls you ordered set aside for when we receive your necklace. If you check the Pearls On-Hold box, it lets us know that we aren't sending pearls to you at this time. Instead, you are sending your necklace directly to us for a pearl addition. You may also choose to keep several orders 'On-Hold' until you are ready to send your necklace to us for stringing.
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Sending Your Necklace to Us

To send your necklace to us, please enclose the Send in Necklace Form so we have your contact information and any special instructions about your necklace. When we receive the necklace, we will string the additional pearls and perform a professional necklace inspection and cleaning.

Place your necklace in a padded envelope along with the completed necklace form and send to Add-A-Pearl’s studio using either UPS or Fed Ex.

Not sure of what size or pearl type you need?

If you would like to add pearls to a necklace but are unsure of what you need, we invite you to send your necklace to us using the Send-In Necklace Form. Once received, one of our pearl specialists will be happy to contact you to discuss your necklace and provide options for adding pearls now and in the future.

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Completing Her Treasure

Throughout the years, continue to add to her necklace as you celebrate special moments in her life. At any time, if you would like to complete her necklace, we welcome your call to one of our Add-A-Pearl completion specialists at 855.392.6640.