Why Add A Pearl is a Meaningful Gift

father and baby daughter are all smiles with a backdrop of sunflowers

photo: Michael Cimino with his wife and daughter Adelina.

Winner: Michael Cimino

"I have a rare disease that may cause my life to be cut short. I want my daughter to have something sweet, precious, and beautiful just like she is, to wear at her prom, graduation, and even her wedding.

That way she will know that even if I’m not there in a physical way that I love her and I am proud of her for all she is today and all she will become."

Written by: Michael Cimino (Ostrandor, OH)

photo:Saundra's four granddaughters

Winner: Saundra Doyle 

"Growing up my best friend used to get a pearl from her mom every holiday. I was so jealous because I had 5 sisters and we were a much poorer big family whose mother could not afford to buy her daughters pearls. I’m all grown up now and I watched my best friend wear her pearls at her wedding with me by her side and at her mothers funeral. Her mom continued to buy her pearls until she passed. I always loved their tradition and I could not afford to do it when my daughter was born because I had too many kids. But fast forward to me being a grandmother of 4 little girls. Well I can finally afford to start the tradition and I have bought each of my granddaughters A pearl since they were born. I hope I get to Watch each of them get married wearing their pearls and when I pass away they can I wear them to my funeral and remember how much I loved each of them Emma, Drew, Vivienne and Sloane " 

Written by: Saundra Doyle (Gambrills, MD)


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