When Should I Add Pearls?

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The elegance and perfection of pearls make them an ideal gift for many occasions. Grown and cherished for centuries, pearls celebrate life’s beginnings, life’s milestones, love that endures through the years, and personal successes and achievements with quiet beauty and classic elegance.

Many of our customers add a pearl when celebrating a birthday, a coming of age tradition, or a graduation. And for the wedding of a beautiful bride, an Add-A-Pearl necklace is often given as ‘something new’ to add to the bride’s ensemble while serving as a timeless keepsake of the love and memories that will be shared and made over the years.

There are many more occasions and stages in life that are the perfect times to add a pearl to your Add-A-Pearl necklace. Here are some suggestions:

Births, Baby’s Firsts and Life Stages – Welcoming a beautiful new baby girl into your family? Begin an annual tradition with a starter Add-A-Pearl necklace and a single pearl. On each birthday, add another pearl to commemorate her special day. And, with each special occasion, a “baby’s first” or achievement in her life, acknowledge the occasion with another pearl added to her necklace. Here are some excellent occasions and life stages to add a pearl:

            • Baptism, Christening or Naming Ceremony
            • Confirmation or 1st Holy Communion
            • 1st word, 1st steps, 1st tooth, 1st day of kindergarten, 1st day of grammar school, high                              school, college, etc.
            • First Job
            • Birthdays, Sweet 16, 21st Birthday
            • Bat Mitzvah or Quincenera
            • Becoming a “big sister” to a new sibling
            • Weddings and Anniversaries

Holidays – Holidays are wonderful times of the year to add another pearl to your Add-A-Pearl necklace, especially as most holidays are marked with the gathering of the whole family:

            • Valentine’s Day
            • Sweetest Day
            • Mother’s Day
            • Easter
            • Thanksgiving
            • Christmas / Hanukkah
            • New Year’s

Milestones and Accomplishments – Acknowledging the greatest achievements of her life with a memorable gift helps to make all the hard work it took to get there all the more worth it. And with an exquisite gift like a fine, cultured pearl for an Add-A-Pearl necklace, special moments are forever commemorated in a meaningful way. Throughout your daughter’s, goddaughter’s, niece’s, or granddaughter’s life, there will be many great achievements to commemorate, and you’ll be able to make sure she has something elegant to remember it by with a beautiful pearl addition. Think of purchasing another pearl to mark occasions such as:

            • School Honor Roll or Awards for Academic Achievement
            • Theatrical, Artistic or Athletic Achievements
            • Graduations: Kindergarten, 8th Grade, High School, College and Grad School
            • Promotions and Business Achievements

So, when should you add pearls to an Add-A-Pearl necklace? Any time you want to commemorate and celebrate the life stages and accomplishments of your daughter, granddaughter, goddaughter, niece, —or anyone who means the world to you!




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