What Does It Mean When Someone Gives You a Pearl?

Strand of pearls on a book with perfume

Have you recently received a pearl or pearl jewelry as a gift? You may be wondering about the pearl's significance. What makes it so special? If you're gifted a pearl, then you're a very lucky individual! In this blog post, we explain why pearls make lovely gifts and why you should treasure your special new object, whether it's an Add-A-Pearl cultured pearl necklace or something else.

Traditionally, pearls have represented concepts like love, purity, and wisdom. If someone gives you a pearl, they probably care about you very much and want to express their love in a unique and timeless way. That person is interested in creating a lasting memory with you. They may also have wanted to give you something that's as special and unique as you are and that represents the value of the bond you share.


A pearl makes an appropriate gift for a girl who's being baptized! Our customer Dawn shared a story about her daughter Amanda, who received her Add-A-Pearl necklace and first pearl from her grandmother when she was baptized. Since a pearl can symbolize new beginnings, it's a very appropriate gift for this occasion, which represents purification or regeneration in the Catholic Church.


Graduation is one of the most amazing milestone moments in a person's life. By the time they graduate, many of our customers have been growing an existing Add-A-Pearl necklace. Then one of their loved ones will give them a new pearl as a graduation gift. An elegant pearl necklace is a wonderful accessory to wear to a big job interview after you earn your degree!


Brides commonly wear a pearl necklace or other pearl jewelry as an accessory on their wedding day. However, some brides don't already possess a pearl in their jewelry box, so a family member will give them pearls for the momentous occasion. Since pearls signify eternal and everlasting love, they're the perfect gift for a blushing bride.

The color of the pearl you're gifted may also shed light on why you received it. For example, white pearls represent innocence and new beginnings, so they make an ideal gift for a young girl or any woman who's going through a meaningful transition in her life. Pink pearls represent success and good fortune, so they're often given to women working toward an important goal, like graduating college or accelerating in a career. Black pearls represent strength and independence, so they make excellent gifts for women who are launching their own businesses or embarking on big adventures. Purple pearls make excellent gifts for women who work as teachers, professors, researchers, writers, artists, or musicians. Finally, yellow pearls are perfect for anyone who needs some "sunshine" in their lives.

Do you know someone who would love the gift of pearls? Treat them to a special jewelry piece like an Add-A-Pearl cultured pearl starter necklace. You can start the process of customizing the perfect necklace by visiting this page. You can also add additional pearl accessories like go-with-everything pearl earrings. Pearls truly do make the perfect gift!


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