What about Free Stringing?

original add a pearl card with box

Adding pearls to your necklace or pearl stringing is complimentary if all the pearls and the starter necklace have been purchased directly from the website www.addapearl.com or by phone.

All pearls used by The Add-A-pearl Company have been evaluated to meet the quality standards required as part of the Add-A-Pearl process. Each pearl has been visually examined and sorted by color, size and luster to match each other before being strung onto one of the authentic Add-A-Pearl cards.

The internet is rife with lookalike pearl products and infinite choices of resale outlets have produced a formidable gray-market of inferior pearls. Here are a few examples of pearls from unknown outlets.





To ensure your pearls are original and to discourage the number of pearls sold in alternative outlets, pearls that have been purchased from other sources such as estate sales, garage sales, pawn shops, e-Bay, resale shops, jewelry stores or other websites, stringing charges will apply. We value the time, training, experience and precision skills of our seasoned pearl stringers and hope you will value their excellence, too.

Our goal is to protect the integrity of each Add-A-Pearl Necklace so yours and all Add-A-Pearl necklaces will be prized forever for their beauty, meaning and value.



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