6 Ways Pearls Add Elegance To Your Wedding

Pearls can be part of your wedding day in a number of ways, from extravagant and complex to subtle and original.

Wedding season is upon us, but it’s far from over, and brides-to-be are still looking for more ways to incorporate class and originality into their wedding day.

There is an old tradition that says wearing pearls on your wedding day ensures happiness and no tears throughout your marriage. With that in mind, it is common for mothers to pass down pearls to the bride to wear as she walks down the aisle.

Pearls not only represent traditions, history and fashion, but they also are known for adding a special kind of elegance to any outfit.

While pearls are commonly worn as necklaces, earrings, rings, headbands and bracelets, they can also be used in numerous ways to decorate for the wedding ceremony or reception.

1. Add pearls to the centerpiece

Centerpieces are the reception decoration on which brides spend the most time working. Understandably, brides put a lot of thought into their theme and design because centerpieces are right in front of guests throughout dinner and during the speeches — plus, sometimes, guests can even bring them home!

There are many ways to use pearls in centerpiece decoration. If you are looking for something simple and elegant, take a short vase and fill it with white pearls. Then, top off the vase with flowers that match your wedding’s color scheme.


2. Highlight the cake with pearls

Less can be more on wedding cakes.

If you are looking for a way to decorate your cake without going overboard, consider adding a string of pearls around each tier. You can use colored pearls to match the colors of your wedding or white pearls and then place a small colored ribbon behind them.

If that seems like too much, try placing a few small pearls into the sides of each tier of the cake. Just make sure your guests know they aren’t edible!


Adding pearls around tiers of your beautiful wedding cake is just one way to incorporate the timeless accessory into your big day.

3. Charm for the wedding party’s flowers

Typically the bride’s and bridesmaids’ bouquets are held together by a cloth wrapped around the stems of the flowers. For a twist, use a hot glue gun to line that cloth with pearls so the flowers are held together by a wrap of pearls.

As for the men, use a pin with a pearl on the end to add flair and class to the boutonniere.

4. A little something extra for the bride and groom

After all, this day is all about the bride — and groom, we guess. So why not add a little something extra to the head table to make the bride and groom really stand out?

Decorate their champagne glasses by adding a few pearls to the side of each glass or line their stems with pearls.

This will add a little extra elegance to a usually unedited table item and make the bride and groom feel special — if the whole ceremony wasn’t enough already!

5. Class up the greeting table

Pre-reception is one of the few down times available during a wedding, so take advantage.

When guests walk into the reception hall, the first thing they usually see is the greeting table, at which they sign their names in a guest book, find their seating arrangements and more.

Today, greeting tables are also decorated with pictures of the couple or family, and it is becoming more common to see other fun decorations, such as a large, novelty letter (maybe metal or illuminated) representing the first letter of the new couple’s last name.

Covering the letter or outlining the letter with pearls is a unique way to present this decoration.

6. Bring bling to the veil

Veils are important and special. They come in a variety of lengths and fabrics and have a variety of designs on them. It’s difficult to find one just for you.

If you want a simple veil that won't take away from the dress, (you guessed it!) find a way to add a few pearls to a classic veil.

You can incorporate them in the crown of the veil, near the hair, to add emphasis, or all the way down the veil along the train for added flair as you make your way down the aisle.



Written for www.addapearl.com by Alyssa Groh of 22CM Boost


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