Celebrate the Ones You Love this Valentine's Day with Add-A-Pearl

Valentine’s Day is all about love, and - while at one time the focus was on romantic love - the tradition has expanded to include the closeness we feel with many special people.

A quick survey of our Add-A-Pearl team revealed all the loved ones they’re going to share some love with this Valentine’s Day. Cupid is going to be busy!

Daddy’s Little Girl

How many dads out there are planning to take their “Sugar and Spice” on a Daddy/Daughter Date or to a Daddy/Daughter Dance for Valentine’s Day? It’s a wonderful time to start the tradition of an Add-A-Pearl necklace.

She’ll remember all the milestones of her life as you add pearls to her necklace and one day she’ll wear the whole strand as you walk her down the aisle as a bride!

Remember to get some photos of Daddy and his Valentine to share with us on Facebook or Twitter.

Mommy’s Angel(s)

A mother’s love is timeless and enduring, a bond unlike any other. This mom started Add-A-Pearl necklaces for her three daughters last Easter. Why not do the same for all your girls on Valentine’s Day? It’s a gift that will grow with your darling girls as they do - from first steps to first dates and beyond.

And look at these sweet, happy faces with their special Add-A-Pearl presents!

Valentine's Day Gifts for Little Girls, All About Pearls!

Bundle of Joy

Is this baby’s first Valentine’s Day? Celebrate her first year with Add-A-Pearl, the gift that will last a lifetime and become a treasured heirloom for future generations. (Tired new mamas and daddies will appreciate how easy it is to start a necklace for their little love and add a new pearl for each special occasion.)

And mothers blessed with boys, don’t despair! Some creative boy moms have had the inspired idea of starting an Add-A-Pearl to mark all the special steps and stages of their sons to gift some day to their future daughters-in-law.

From Grandma (or Grandpa) with love!

There is nothing that can match a grandmother’s love - or the feeling of holding your granddaughter in your arms! Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to build an Add-A-Pearl tradition with your granddaughter.

And as you and Grandpa delight in each new stage with your grandbaby, Add-A-Pearl has other charms, clasps and gifts like ballerina boxes to show her how special she is in your life.

When Lisa was born in 1965 her grandparents started an Add-A-Pearl necklace for her. She shared with us these beautiful photographs of her wearing her Add-A-Pearl necklace on her wedding day and another of her daughter Beatrice wearing them on her graduation from preschool:

Add-A-Pearl Starter Necklace, the perfect gift for a grandmother to give her granddaughter!

God-Parents too.

Being asked to be a godmother is such a privilege! And, well, truly it’s also so fun to shower a special little girl with your time, love and gifts. Starting an Add-A-Pearl legacy for someone special is a loving gift that will last.

We always love hearing and sharing stories and photos from our Add-A-Pearl family. Look at beautiful baby Arianna Nicole in the Add-A-Pearl necklace her godfathers Tim and Brian started to celebrate her birth.

Honor your god-daughter with an AddAPearl starter pearl necklace.

Here is a photo Mary sent to us of her lovely teenage daughter Molly wearing the Add-A-Pearl necklace her Aunt Mary Frances, who is also her godmother, gave to her.

Pearl necklaces and jewelry from Add-A-Pearl, and the stories of love that go with them.

Young love <3

Romance is not dead! Here is proof that the latest generation of young men do know how to treat their sweethearts: Last year this young woman, Kacey, tweeted us after her boyfriend surprised her with one of our signature purple Add-A-Pearl boxes!

Celebrate Young Love with Add-A-Pearl, Superior Quality Pearl Jewelry

Have you given or received an Add-A-Pearl gift, for Valentine’s Day -- or, for that matter, on any special holiday? Do share the joy with us online -- we just love to hear your Add-A-Pearl stories.

The Add-A-Pearl tradition has delighted girls of all ages for generations; visit us online now to start building an Add-A-Pearl necklace for the best Valentine’s Day gift that will last a lifetime.


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