5 Unique Ways to Incorporate Pearls into Your Wedding Day

a strand of pearls can be woven through a braid or worn as a headband as an alternative use of pearls.

It’s not often where you get to say what was trending for your Grandma was also trending for your mother and for yourself. One of the best things about pearls are that they are a timeless piece of jewelry that never go out of style. The idea of tradition is embedded into the accessory and can be honored at your own wedding.  The versatility of pearl strands is endless. Whether it serves as something new, old, or borrowed, pearls are the simple and perfect staple for your bridalwear.

Depending on your wedding dress neckline, we know a necklace isn’t always an option. We wanted to share with you a few other ideas of how pearls can be incorporated into your wedding day!

Hair Accessories

Pearls have been trending for as long as we can remember, but who said you can’t make your own modern spin on it? Go beyond the typical strand of pearls and transform your gifted pearls into a beautiful bridal hairdo accessory. From hair pins to combs, halos, and headbands, explore the versatility of a strand of pearls through a fashion statement.

If you prefer to keep the pearl strand how it has been, consider the elegant touch of threading the pearls into your braided hair!

Pearls Around Aisle Flowers

If you don’t have room in your bridal wear to incorporate your strand of pearls, it doesn’t mean there aren’t other ways to honor them! Wrap the pearls around the flowers that come down the aisle with you for a classy look. Let the pearls’ iridescence glimmer from your bouquet!

Multi-Strand Bracelet

If your wedding dress neckline doesn’t call for a necklace, wrap your strand of pearls around your wrist to create a multi-strand bracelet! This transformation takes an older piece of jewelry to a whole new look. Using the necklace as a bracelet gives your set of pearls even more value to add to your staple accessory

Create Several Bridesmaids Necklaces

If there’s no room to add onto your own bridalwear, share the pearls with the other special ladies at your wedding! Divide up the pearls on your pearl necklace to create several other pearl necklaces for your bridesmaids. Not only will this relieve them from the stress of finding their own jewelry but distributing the pearls will dazzle pearls from every angle of the room. Set aside one pearl for the flower girl so she can shine down the aisle as well!

Adding Pearls to Veil

Honor your gifted pearls every step of your way down the aisle! Veils get a fair share of their limelight on wedding days so why not make it stand out? If your veil seems to be missing something you can’t get your finger on… the subtle detail of pearls might be the solution! They’re dainty and simple yet make a classic feminine touch.

Dating all the way back to the ancient times, pearls have symbolized unblemished perfection. Nothing else compares to the oldest known gem that has kept timeless ever since. This classic piece of jewelry has the power to be passed on from generation to generation without losing its elegant and feminine appeal. Your wedding day is the perfect occasion to honor your new, old, or borrowed pearls, whether it’s around your neck, wrist, flower bouquets, veil, or your bridesmaids.

Once you’ve gotten a taste of tradition, you’ll want to be starting your own! Add A Pearl determines the finest pearl quality when considering the luster, size, shape, surface, and color for your necklace. This unique gift-giving legacy continues to grow, just like the beauty of each necklace it creates. While you’re strutting pearls around your own neck, gift your little girl one of her own!



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