Tips for Traveling the World With Pearl Jewelry

Keep your pearls safe while traveling

If you've got a case of wanderlust, you've likely been pinning new travel destinations to your Pinterest Bucket List Travel board and binge-watching YouTube travel videos. Your adventurous spirit is more than ready to travel again! Unfortunately, now may still not be the best time for travel, and you may have put some of your 2020 travel plans on hold. But that's not going to stop you from dreaming!

According to the results of a survey conducted in April by Preferred Hotels & Resorts, you're not alone. Many travelers are already planning trips for the second half of 2020. A rep for Preferred Hotels & Resorts says, "People will always look to travel for inspiration...They are eagerly awaiting the day they can get out and explore again" (Source).

You may not know when you'll be able to travel again, but you can start planning for that dream trip - and preparing your ultimate packing list, including your wardrobe basics and staple pearl jewelry accessories. Who would want to leave her favorite pearls at home? In this blog post, we're going to discuss how you can keep your pearl jewelry safe and looking beautiful for when you get back to traveling the world.

Invest in a jewelry travel case

If you don't already have a jewelry case just for traveling, now's a great time to start exploring your options. Not only can a jewelry travel case protect your favorite cultured pearl necklace, but it can also prevent it from getting lost in your luggage - or left behind at a hotel. If you're looking for a high-end and sophisticated jewelry travel case to accompany you on your next luxury travel adventure, check out the brand Wolf, a company committed to making beautiful jewelry boxes and other storage cases. Leatherology is another brand making unique and high-quality jewelry travel cases. For a more affordable, utilitarian option, try The Container Store's White Folding Travel Jewelry Storage Tray. If you're traveling with other jewelry, be sure to wrap your pearl necklace in a silk scarf before putting it in your jewelry case, so that your other jewelry pieces don't scratch it.

Watch how you wear your pearls

When you're traveling, you may wear more makeup or hair styling products than usual for the Instagrammable photo ops. However, the chemicals in these beauty and personal care products are a pearl's worst enemy. In addition, you might be changing your outfits frequently and rushing about your hotel room. Always put on your pearls last, after your makeup, perfume, and sunscreen and after you've changed your blouse. If you're going on a vacation that involves swimming, then you'll definitely want to leave your pearls in your hotel room whenever you go to the ocean or pool. Pearls may be born in the ocean, but saltwater is not friendly to pearl jewelry!

Now that you know how to care for your cultured pearl necklace while traveling, you can feel more confident someday jetsetting with your favorite jewelry in tow. What's the first travel destination you'd like to visit? Which far-away place is your top travel fantasy? Let's dream together until the day we can satisfy our wanderlust again.


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