The Best Add-A-Pearl Necklaces, A Jewelers Tradition


granddaughter Randi with big red bow

(Timi's granddaughter Randi, image c/o Timi Hall Kaufman)

Recently we were contacted by a retired gemologist and jeweler, Timi Hall Kaufman. Her family’s jewelry store, Hall Jewelers, had sold Add-A-Pearl necklaces for years. She wanted to present her first granddaughter, Randi (her great-grandmother's name), with a lasting present of beauty, warmth, and continuance. With her years of experience, an Add-A-Pearl necklace was her first thought.

Timi knows how carefully selected each pearl is before it’s made part of an Add-A-Pearl necklace. She knows the hand-picked effort that goes into making sure each pearl is of the highest quality and placed properly on the necklace. Timi also knows through years of experience that each addition of pearls and their reception is a time of happiness and remembrance of her love for the child. An Add-A-Pearl gift is not just a valuable piece of jewelry; it is a lifelong bond between the giver and the recipient.

As a pearl professional, Timi trusts Add-A-Pearl to make the right decisions for her and her family. She knows that the pearls chosen for her will match her exacting standards. She knows that an Add-A-Pearl necklace is the right thing for her and her granddaughter Randi, and she can rest assured knowing that we stand by the quality of this lasting treasure.

Natural Pearl Necklace or a Cultured Pearl Necklace?

Now, Timi faces her first decision. Should she purchase a natural pearl or cultured pearl to begin her Add-A-Pearl necklace tradition? The natural pearl necklace is the foundation on which pearl value and lore began, so it brings an element of history to the piece. Natural pearls are exceedingly rare and valuable. Since Add-A-Pearl is the largest user of natural pearls in the United States, we’re able to make these fine, unique pearls readily accessible.

But, you can’t forget the cultured pearl option. Cultured Add-A-Pearl necklaces are just as beautiful! The nucleus implanted within the Akoya mollusk is round and ensures a uniform shape. Add-A-Pearl selects only the finest pearls ensuring exceptional luster, color, and freedom from virtually all blemishes. Because the nucleus is larger, the resultant pearls are too. So, for a larger looking pearl necklace of unsurpassed beauty, a cultured pearl Add-A-Pearl is the right choice.

Pearl Necklace Clasps and Charms

Finally, Timi wants to choose a clasp and engraved charm to complete the starter necklace. She’ll put Randi’s name first and the date of the gift’s inception on the charm. However, other options are available too, such as Randi’s name and that the gift is from Timi.

Little Randi has many wonderful experiences ahead of her. Every time she receives new pearls, she’ll think of her grandmother and be reminded how much her grandmother loves her. And the best part is that Randi’s completed necklace may very well be the necklace she eventually wears on her wedding day, something Timi will be very proud to see, and something we’ll be very proud to be a part of.



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