How Climate Change and Other Environmental Factors Have Affected Oysters

The warming of ocean waters is affecting cultivation of pearl oysters.
Just like natural gas, iron, and coal, oysters are natural resources that are affected by shifts in the environment and climate. In the past, marine biologists feared that the greatest threat to oysters was over-harvesting. However, researchers and oyster farmers alike are realizing that climate change, disease, and pollution are threatening the world's oyster populations, which are used for both pearls and food.

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Where Do Pearls Come From? An Exploration of Exotic Pearl Origins

These workers are farming cultured pearls for jewelry.
One of the most exciting things about wearing pearl jewelry is knowing that pearls are sourced from some of the most exotic and remote places in the world. Even if you never get to visit those destinations yourself, you can still feel connected to them, knowing that your jewelry came from a far-off land with unique traditions probably very different from your own

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