Sweet Emerson and Uncle Matt

Unlce Matt holding Emerson's hand

"Did I want to play with worms, no...Did I want to hit the ball with my dad, no...I just wanted to be a princess. I would dress up and dream about that one day I would be one. I think my 3rd birthday was all about princesses. All my family and best friends would come to celebrate my 3rd birthday and again the tiny blue box was there. This year I wanted to touch the white balls and asked what this was. My Uncle Matt told me that he was going to give me one pearl for every important day of my life and that one day it would be a full necklace of pearls...I had no idea what he was talking about and soon the box left.

Then our world changed just before my 4th birthday...All of us had to stay home and we all had to start wearing those masks. I was so afraid and I didn't know what was going to happen to all my family and friends. Were we going to be all safe, would I see everyone again? My mom told me that we couldn't have a birthday party because of the covid. I was so sad...when would I see my friends? My birthday ended up with only my immediate family. I had only a few gifts and I didn't see that tiny blue box with the white bow on the top anywhere. My Uncle Matt came and sat by me and explained that he sent my necklace off to get the next pearl put on and that it was sent back because the special necklace people had to close temporarily because of covid. I was so sad...no party, no friends and now no tiny blue box.

I am trying my best to look forward to my 5th birthday. It is going to be really soon now. I have grown up, almost an adult now. I want everyone to be safe, all my friends at school, my family, my neighbors, and my Uncle Matt. I look forward to that day I can hold his hand again and go for our walks.

I am so hoping that the tiny blue box with the white bow will be at my birthday...it makes me smile just like my Uncle Matt does.

Love You Uncle Matt,


Written by Matt Zusan

Thank you Matt Zusan for sharing this beautiful and touching letter with us. We hope Emerson has the happiest birthday ever this year.


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