Starting an Add-A-Pearl Gift-Giving Legacy for Someone Special

Add-A-Pearl is a charming tradition that celebrates all the milestones in a girl’s life with a strand of quality pearls that grows as she does.

Add-A-Pearl necklaces can be customized for the special someone.

Creating a lasting heirloom gift is as easy as it is thoughtful. While the concept behind an Add-A-Pearl necklace hasn’t changed since it started in 1915, the process has simplified in recent years thanks to the Internet. 

Visit our website to start a pearl necklace for that special girl and in a few clicks you will have everything in place for a gift she will treasure for years to come. The first step is choosing whether to gift her a necklace strung with either cultured pearls or natural pearls

Cultured pearls are created with intent. A rounded piece of mother-of-pearl shell and a speck of mantle tissue are inserted inside an oyster. This prompts the oyster to form a protective coating called nacre around the irritant. It continues to coat layers of nacre over it, creating a cultured pearl. 

In contrast, natural pearls occur without human interference and consequently are much more rare - about one in 10,000 oysters will produce a pearl so they are more costly.

There are few more decisions to make to personalize your Add-A-Pearl necklace. You have the opportunity to choose either 14K yellow gold, 14K white gold, or silver for the necklace chain. Next you may select either 14 or 16 inches for the length of the necklace and then the size of the pearls you want put on the starter necklace.  

Perfect for someone special, give the gift of Add-A-Pearl today.

Cultured pearls range from 3 mm to 8 mm while the natural pearl sizings are a bit more varied and are grouped a bit differently from the cultured pearls. If you are selecting a cultured pearl necklace you may also then choose how many pearls you would like on the starter necklace: one, three, or four.

All new Add-A-Pearl necklaces are registered at the time of purchase (registration is available for older necklaces). This important feature helps us to ensure we properly track all additions to the necklace over the years to come. 

When you add these selections to your cart you may also select to add one of our personalized charms or enhanced clasps to the gift.  

Each little girl or young woman who receives an Add-A-Pearl necklace will open our signature, specially designed Add-A-Pearl box. There is a little booklet included with each necklace that outlines the tradition behind the necklace and how it works, as well as a padded envelope for sending the necklace to us when it is time to add more pearls. 

Ready to start this timeless tradition for a special young lady? You are welcome to contact Add-A-Pearl at (855) 392-6640 if you have any other questions for us. 


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