5 Spring Cocktails With a Side of Pearls

Spring is the perfect time to enjoy the pleasant weather and a refreshing drink, with or without alcohol. Elevate your drink service this season by experimenting with craveworthy new drink recipes and by adding some new pearl-inspired bar tools to your collection. The grass is green, and the flowers are blooming, and we couldn’t be more excited!

Before you choose your beverage du jour, you’ll want to elevate your amateur bartending game with a gorgeous mother of pearl mosaic cocktail shaker, like this one from Nordstrom, or indulge in a three-piece bar tool set for all your straining, measuring, and spooning needs. You can even find pearl drink stirrers on Etsy. Can you tell we love pearl-studded decorations and accents just as much as we love our necklaces (here’s our post about decorating your home for the holidays with pearls)?

Now it’s time to party and make spring our thing with five refreshing, fruity, and floral cocktails.

The Gibson

Cleopatra may have added a pearl to her wine (read all about it here), but pearls typically aren’t used as cocktail ingredients. However, if you’d like to add a “pearl” or two to your drink, we recommend The Gibson, which is a take on a classic martini that’s garnished with pickled pearl onions.

Raspberry Peach Champagne Cocktail

This simple champagne cocktail is bursting with fruity flavors, making it the perfect drink to celebrate the spring season. Peach vodka, raspberry syrup, and some fine bubbly are all combined to bring this springtime cocktail to life. Enjoy sipping on this bubbly beverage at brunch, for any special occasion, or even for a “girl’s night in” at home. This raspberry peach champagne cocktail is easy, delicious, and beautiful.

Coastal Orange Blossom Gin Cocktail

There’s no better way to embrace the beautiful blooming season than with this easy-to-make light and floral beverage. A simple mix of your favorite gin, some orange blossom water, orange juice, and coconut water pairs perfectly with the warmer weather. The delicate flavors come together to create a mellow and refreshing cocktail experience perfect for spring lunches or birthday celebrations.

Strawberry Melon Fizz

If you’re seeking a delicious nonalcoholic drink option, then you’ll definitely want to try a Strawberry Melon Fizz, which makes use of springtime bounty and will carry you into hot summer days. Making this drink is super easy as long as you have access to fresh fruit. You may even impress your friends by letting them know you made the mint simple syrup (trust us: it’s super easy)!

Hugo Spritz

Close your eyes and escape to an Italian vacation after sipping on this light and elegant spritz.
Fresh, fruity, and slightly floral, the classic sparkling elderflower cocktail is perfect for springtime and for any occasion. If you’ve never had elderflower liqueur before, you should know that it’s fragrant but won’t compete with the scent of blossoms opening around you!

Lavender Bee’s Knees

Say cheers to a beautiful spring day with this gentle and delicate, yet flavorful cocktail, which was first conceived during Prohibition times to mask awful smell and taste of bathtub gin. A lovely balance of sour and sweet, the hint of lavender brings in floral notes, making it the perfect drink for some springtime sipping. It really is the bee’s knees, especially when you can add your gin of choice!

Ruby Red Gimlet

This tasty gimlet encompasses fruity and floral notes with a gorgeous ruby color that screams spring. With the punchiness of the grapefruit and lime brought together by subtle mint, this cocktail is sure to quench your thirst and brighten up your spring festivities.

Which of these sounds the most delicious to you? We’d love to hear about some of your favorite spring refreshments, especially for family traditions and celebrations.

Photo credit: Didriks


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