Sharon and Cassie's Add-A-Pearl Story

Sharon shared this wonderful story about her Goddaughter Cassie, and their Add-A-Pearl tradition:

Godparents gift that becomes a special keepsake

"In 2008 Cassie was born to our dear friends.  My husband and I were very honored when they asked us to be her Godparents.  We wanted to give her a gift that was meaningful and out of the ordinary. I heard about Add A Pearl and loved the idea that we could “build" something for her that would be a keepsake - something beautiful and timeless.  We order her a pearl three times a year  - her birthday, Christmas and her baptismal anniversary.  It is a way for us to show her that we remember her special days and that she is special to us. 

We moved in 2010 and haven’t seen Cassie since then but hope to this May when she and her family are in our area."

Rather than beginning with a Starter Necklace, Sharon is purchasing pearls for Cassie with the goal of eventually stringing them into a bracelet. We love to see how people are able to make Add-A-Pearl work for them, no matter their need! We're always thrilled to accommodate custom requests whenever possible! If you're ready to start a special Add-A-Pearl tradition with someone you love, contact us today!

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