Sharon and Her Two Precious Granddaughters

(adorbale twins photo c/o shutterstock images)

“I first saw an Add-A-Pearl necklace in a jewelry store in rural Mississippi. I live in Mississippi but not in that town. Both my granddaughters are a little over 1. One will turn 2 in March and the other will turn 2 in August. I'm already 61 so I got to thinking that I may not be around for their weddings. Then, I remembered the necklace I had seen at the store. I began a search in store after store hoping to find one for their 1st Christmas. After much looking, I decided to search online. I started their necklaces for their first Christmas and added one for their first birthday. My plan is to continue this until their necklaces are complete!!! So, now it's time to order them one for this Christmas!!! Praying I'm around for their weddings but if not, they will have something to remember me by and something beautiful to wear on their wedding day too!!!”

written by: Suzanne Sutphin of Blythewood, SC


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