Share Your Holiday Traditions Contest Winner

mom, dad, and their daughter embraced standing in a field

The holidays are such a joyful time for friends and family to come together and celebrate the magic of the season. We are grateful to all the participants for entering our Share Your Holiday Traditions Contest. It’s both heartwarming and inspiring to hear from others about the special ways spent with loved ones.

With many heartfelt entries to choose from, we are pleased to account Erica Drury as the winner of this year’s contest. Congratulations, Erica! Her entry along with other favorites (in no particular order) can be read below:

Erica Drury's baby girl Everly.

I started an Add-A-Pearl necklace for my goddaughter, Alexa, on the day of her baptism. I continue to give her pearls on holidays and special events and plan to complete the necklace by her confirmation. It will be a special gift and hopefully one that she will always have and cherish.

Gabrielle Latour is building a necklace for Ellie.

Our favorite holiday tradition is a box on Christmas Eve for each child. Inside, we put pajamas, a book, hot chocolate and popcorn. They get to open it after dinner and we watch a holiday movie. I began an Add-A-Pearl necklace for my daughter. She gets a pearl each year on her birthday and I’ll give it to her on her 18th birthday. I feel like pearls are timeless and classy. 

Haley Begle is creating a necklace for her goddaughter Avery.

I became a godmother to my little cousin Avery on August 31, 2017. I wanted to start a tradition for her birthday and Christmas every year that may not be special to her now but would be to her in her future. I researched collectibles and that is when I came across Add-A-Pearl and as soon as I read about what you all do I couldn't think of anything better that I wanted to for my first god-child. I hope that in her future that this something she could wear on her wedding day, so she knows that she was loved from the very beginning.

Harriet Browder is adding to the necklace started byher mom.

My mother started an Add-A-Pearl necklace for my sister and myself when we were very young. Each Christmas she’d have a pearl added as one of our presents. It became such a trusted gift that I soon began thinking wow, if I can get one added each year and if I buy some myself, I can get my age in number of pearls. But alas, through the years after my mom’s passing, I’ve been unable to add to reach my age in number of pearls. So now, with the number of limited pearls I just tell people my age is the number of pearls on my necklace. Makes me feel young at heart. No matter what clothing I dress in every morning, getting ready for work, I always turn to my pearls. Nothing goes better with any kind of clothing than a string of pearls. I get more compliments on my Add-A-Pearl necklace that anything else I’ve ever had.

Andrew Tempesta with his niece Tessa on the day of her baptism.

I started my Add-A-Pearl necklace for my niece/goddaughter. I was honored to be asked to be her godfather and I wanted to do something a little out of the box. I was given the idea for Add-A-Pearl and thought it would be an amazing tradition to have with her for part of her life. I love how it will grow with her as she progresses through the stages of her childhood and to when she is an adult.



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