Sentimental Milestone Gifts for Sons and Grandsons

A young boy reaches for sentimental Christmas ornaments

A question we often receive from customers is: "Now that I've purchased an Add-a-Pearl necklace for my daughter or granddaughter, what can I buy the boy in my life who also deserves a special gift that will last a lifetime?" There are actually plenty of examples of heirloom treasures that can be gifted to a son or grandson. Continue reading this blog post for some of our favorite ideas.

A tool collection

For many men, a complete tool collection is a staple in the household; it enables them to complete DIY projects and make repairs when necessary. However, a great tool collection can take time to build, and it can sometimes be expensive. Give your son or grandson the gift of empowerment by adding to their tool collection one tool at a time, for every milestone or for every year. By the time he's ready to purchase a home, he'll have a wonderful tool kit - and remember you every time he needs to use it. You can also give him a personalized tool tote bag like this one, which will perfectly complement his collection.

Pocket watch

While wrist watches have fallen out of favor due to the handy time-telling abilites of smart phones, pocket watches have regained in popularity. From trendy to vintage charm, pocket watches have made an impressive comeback as a meaningful gift for men. As with other timepieces, a pocket watch serves as a reminder of the passing of time reflecting grounding values to continue living in the present moment without looking back or too far ahead into the future. Often, a beautiful pocket watch can be engraved with a meaningful message, initials or a date to commemorate. A wonderful gift to pass down through generations.

Collectible coins

If your son or grandson is interested in history, then he may appreciate the gift of gold or silver coins, which can accumulate into a beautiful and valuable collection over the years. Gold and silver definitely transcends the test of time, and it's a timeless gift that will be appreciated for the ages. They may technically be money, but coins are a lot more personal than giving someone cash or a gift card. If you're not sure where to start, you can also call a local coin dealer and ask them to make suggestions; most people who are passionate about coins are really excited to talk about them! You might learn a thing or two yourself.

A themed or commemorative ornament

If your family celebrates Christmas, then you may want to get the boy in your life a commemorative or themed ornament for every new holiday season. They can be personalized ornaments, like these photo ornaments from Shutterfly, or they can coincide with a theme from that year. For example, if your loved one excelled at soccer, then you could gift him a soccer ball ornament. By the time he's an adult living on his own, he'll have a robust collection of ornaments to hang on his own tree. Trimming a Christmas tree with meaningful ornaments is much more satisfying than settling for colored balls from the big-box store. When he has his own children, he can share the story behind each unique ornament and carry on the tradition himself.

Add-a-Pearl for a future daughter-in-law or grandaughter-in-law

Some of our customers actually do buy their sons and grandsons Add-a-Pearl necklaces, with the hope that the meaningful jewelry gift will eventually be passed down to their future daughters-in-law or granddaughters-in-law. A cultured pearl necklace gift is a wonderful way to honor not only the past and present but also the future and the hope for a happy and fulfilling life ahead. For both boys and girls, an Add-A-Pearl necklace can signify the beginning of a satisfying new tradition.

As you can see, daughters aren't the only ones who can receive meaningful gifts. What do you think of these ideas? Have you ever tried starting a gifting tradition with the boy in your life? We'd love to hear your suggestions and thoughts.


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