Sandy Glass and Generations of Add-A-Pearls

Sandy Glass and her tradition of Add-A-Pearls began years ago. Thank you Sandy for sharing your heartfelt story with us. It is the reason we love what we do.

Here is a photo of Sandy's parents and sisters taken in 1960. Sandy, (on right), 13 years old, has 13 inches of pearls on her pearl necklace. Her middle sister, age10, and youngest sister, Janice, age 5, with 5 inches of pearls on her necklace. The occasion was a cousin's Bar Mizvah.

Gifts of pearls for all the girls in the family

"My family has had a long tradition with Add-A-Pearl.  When I was very young, it became clear to me that my grandmother (Lillian Brodsky Rubin)would purchase Add-A-Pearls as a gift for each birthday. This began the year of my birth in 1947. She did this for each of her 6 Granddaughters. I was the eldest and, in those days, the pearls were graduated beginning with an Oriental pearl at the center. Over time, only cultured pearls were used. On my 16th birthday, my grandmother met me downtown Chicago where we went to the jeweler and I picked out a clasp with a diamond in it. What a wonderful Sweet 16 that was. Like each cousin after me, we wore our pearl necklaces for graduation from high school and college, for special celebrations and our and everyone else’s weddings.

Add-A-Pearls mark the beginning of a family tradition

This practice has become a tradition. My mother and sisters made sure my daughter received Add-A-Pearls each year which culminated in her beautiful pearl necklace. I am doing the same for my 2  granddaughters. The pearls are beautiful and matched in size. The eldest will be 16 years old next year. Since I no longer live in Chicago and neither does she, we are making a special trip to our Chicago jeweler to finish out her necklace and have her select a clasp. It warms my heart to think how my grandmother, without knowing, started a very special tradition in our family that will continue as long there are little girls to pass it along."

Thank you Sandy for the inspiring story of how Add-A-Pearl has been a part of your family.

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