Rhonda's Family Tradition

 Mia and Avery Ginsburg hugging

Mia and Avery Ginsburg, beautiful image from Kelli Heppner Photography.

"I remember so well as a little girl getting Add-A-Pearls from my grandmother.  I looked forward every year on my birthday to have another one added.  It was so much fun to watch the strand grow.  I remember the day when the necklace was completed and given to me for my 16th birthday.  I was so excited and I still wear those pearls today.  I have been lucky enough to continue the tradition with my 9 year old granddaughter which I started 2 years ago.  I will be starting a strand for the 5 year old next year.  I will look forward to one day completing both of the pearl necklaces for the girls for each of their sweet 16’s."   

Rhonda and Scott Ginsburg and family, photo by Kelli Heppner Photography

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