Trimming Your Christmas Tree With Pearls

This angel-shaped Christmas ornament features a beautiful pearl.

Decking a Christmas tree with garland, lights, and ornaments is a beloved holiday past-time for many families all over the world. Ornaments can be treasured heirlooms, and they often symbolize special moments and milestones, just like Add-A-Pearl custom pearl necklaces do. While some people adhere to a specific theme for their tree trimmings, others simply accumulate ornaments over the years. Either way, the decorated tree always looks magical and otherworldly.

We happen to love the look of pearls on a Christmas tree. In some cases, they can look like freshly-fallen snow, and they always shine beautifully when paired with white Christmas lights. Elegant and classic, pearls naturally complement holiday festivities. In this blog post, we'll be sharing some of our favorite ways to add pearls to Christmas trees.

Pearl Christmas Ornaments

One of the most eye-catching ways to add pearls to your Christmas tree is to hang pearl-encrusted ornaments, which you can make yourself or purchase online. If you enjoy DIY projects, then you may want to try creating your own. The Two Sisters blog shares instructions for handcrafted pearls ornaments made with faux pearl beads, tacky glue, and clear glass Christmas tree ornaments. You can also make a pearl ornament wreath by stringing pearls on gauge wire, forming a circle, and finishing it with a ribbon. If you're not the DIY type, you can buy some beautiful pearl ornaments from a number of online retailers, including Etsy, Michael's, and Walmart.

Pearl Christmas Tree Topper

The Christmas tree topper is one of the most important aspects of Christmas tree decoration, since it serves as a focal point for all the other elements. Some people top their trees with stars or angels, but you can always add a topper featuring pearls. Martha Stewart shared a tutorial for a DIY star-shaped tree topper made of pearls. You can also purchase some beautiful pearl Christmas tree toppers online, including this angel topper from Etsy, which is handcrafted from wire and beads. A luxurious royal velvet crown Christmas tree topper is an opulent option for a regal tree.

Pearl Christmas Tree Garland

When considering all the ways you can deck your Christmas tree with pearls, you cannot forget garland. For a simple, no-fuss solution, you can make your own pearl garland by purchasing a string of faux pearl beads from your local craft store. If you'd like something more elaborate, you can buy pearl garland strands designed specifically for Christmas tree decoration. For example, this sparkling Christmas tree garland set from Balsam Hill features chains of crystals, faux pearls, silver bullion, and glass beads in classic holiday colors. Amazon also sells a top-rated pearl garland available in a wide variety of shades, including the traditional faux-pearl look.

Have you ever tried incorporating pearls into your annual Christmas tree decorating, or are you already enjoying the pearl theme in your holiday display? If you've been feeling bored of your regular approach to Christmas decor, then it may be time to try adding some pearl accents, either as ornaments, tree toppers, or garland. For additional ideas about decorating with pearls for the holidays, you'll also want to check out our other blog post about "decking the halls" with pearls. We'd love to see photos of your Christmas tree displays.


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