Pearl Stories Shared With Love

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"4 years ago my 2nd go at it hubby and I bought a house, little did we know 4 months earlier another newly wed combo family bought a house 2 doors down in the same street. They have a son 6 months older than ours as well as a new born. Or son walked down out of his little 9 year old comfort zone to knock on doors on our street looking for kids to play with. Or son connected with their son, about 6 months later we all get together for birthday parties and friendship making. My husband and I were having trouble having a baby while or neighbors got pregnant with to find a little girl after their 2 boys, a year of very sad family separations happen with a few deaths and my family and the neighbors 2 doors down become family by choice and little Lyla Eva Lynn is born and more precious than ever. We chose to be family, she chose me to be auntie and no looking back on love."

written by: Joanna Hunter (Wolcott, CN)


Tami Anderson

"I started an Add-A-Pearl necklace for my granddaughter's baptism in 2019 and now give her a pearl for every special occasion (Birthdays, Christmas). She just turned one in June of 2020 and already has 5 pearls on her necklace. I also added a charm that says from "Grami" to the clasp. One day, when she is an adult - she will have a beautiful, special keepsake and we will forever be connected through her pearl necklace. I have another granddaughter on the way, and intend to do the same for her! It is such a special gift."

written by: Tami Anderson (Clive, IA)


Photo of Tami and her granddaughter.


Alison Jesse 

"When I was born in 1954, my godmother and father gave me an add-a-pearl when I was baptised. Fast forward to 1968 when I was a 9th grader in high school. I loved to wear my add-a-pearl because it was so delicate and subtle. I still wear my add a pearl and I am now 65. When my daughter was born, I started her add-a-pearl. She is now 30 and cherishes it. I don't have any grandchildren yet, but I have given each of my great nieces an add-a-pearl. I love continuing the tradition and am so grateful that you are still creating memories. I also love Chicago and your outstanding customer service."

written by: Alison Jesse (Chapel Hill, NC)


Photo courtesy of Alison Jesse.


Beth Murray 

"I was given an Add-a-Pearl necklace with a single pearl when I was born by a friend of the family, and my mother added to it most of my first 18-years. Several friends wore if in their weddings as their "something borrowed," and then, finally, I wore the necklace at my own wedding (and I didn't get married until I was 49-years old!) When I was considering a gift for my maid of honor and my flower girl, the choice was obvious! It's one of the most meaningful gifts I have ever gotten (and kept!) and I have plans to get my step daughters their own Add-a-Pearls as well."

written by: Beth Murray (Yulee, FL)

Photo of Beth Murray and her flower girl.


Susan Lawman

"I started buying Add a Pearl 10 years ago when my 1st granddaughter was born. It has become tradition for all 4 of my granddaughters to get their necklaces enlarged every year! I added a special touch this past Spring With a plan to ensure all 4 have a special gift to remember me by!"

written by: Susan Lawman (Farmville, VA)


 Photo courtesy of Susan Lawman.


Theresa Sarao

"Children have everything these days and when my granddaughter Annabelle was born I wanted to do something special that she will always have a special memory of me long after I am gone. As it turned out she LOVES pearls and loves her necklace. She looks forward to getting it back when we have added pearls. I have just started her sister Charlotte one. She likes it but my Annabelle loves it. Thank you add a pearl for providing me with such a special and quality product that will be cherished forever!" 

written by: Theresa Sarao (CedarGrove, NJ)

Photo courtesy of Theresa Sarao.


Deborah Fertitta

"I started a necklace on my great niece’s first birthday. She’s the first baby in our family since my nephew, her cousin, was born 18 years ago. We are more than thrilled. In our heritage, family means so much to us. When she wears the necklace, we’ll all be with her."

written by: Deborah Fertitta (Primm Springs, TN)

Photo courtesy of Deborah Fertitta.


Lauri Payne

"I chose to start an Add a Pearl necklace for my first granddaughter on her 1st birthday. I wanted to give her something meaningful that would stay with her her whole life, something she could watch grow as we watch her grow."

written by: Lauri Payne(Gainsville, VA)

Photo courtesy of Lauri Payne.


Wendy Brandofino

"I have 4 grandsons, so when my only granddaughter was born I wanted to do something special (and help take the guesswork out of gifts). This has worked out perfectly. She is going to be 3 and I hope when she gets older she’ll appreciate them!"

written by: Wendy Brandofino (Apopka, FL)

Photo courtesy of Wendy Brandofino.


Mary Beth Tundrea

"The birth of my grand niece was a beacon on light amidst many family tragedies preceeding her birth. I don't have chidren of my own so her dad, my nephew and godchild has been the son I never had. I always instill traditions within the family ranging from silly games to marked milestones. I wanted my grandniece to have a memory of me forever. This was the perfect solution. My godmother did the same for me over 50 years ago and I treasure my precious necklace. Tradition is important. It propels our family history which will live on for generations to come. Thank you for the high quality you provide. It is a financial struggle for me to continue this as a senior citizen, but some things are just worth it. I will sacrifice somewhere else. Now that Julia is 4. She gets it and loves when she receives it."

written by: Mary Beth Tundrea (Scotrum, PA)


Danae Bina

"I started an add-a-pearl for my niece for her first communion. I came across the tradition accidentally and fell in love with the idea. Tradition and beauty are two values I hold in high esteem in my life and I couldn’t have found a more perfect gift. What little girl doesn’t want a beautiful necklace from someone she loves? I love gifting the special people in my life with meaningful and lasting gifts. I cannot wait to watch her necklace grow with her over the years, and create a one of a kind jewelry piece she will treasure for a lifetime."

written by: Danae Bina (Greenville, NC)

Photo courtesy of Danae Bina.


Pat Berkstresser

"My mother, who is now in Heaven, started Add a Pearl necklaces for me and my 4 sisters when we were born in the 1950's and 1960's. I started one for my daughter who was born in 1986, and am now actively adding to my granddaughter's necklace, as she was born in 2018. These necklaces are so special to my family, and are borrowed for special occasions such as weddings and christening ceremonies. Especially now, there is nothing held closer than family and family traditions."

written by: Pat Berkstresser (Leakey, TX.)


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