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Top 7 Reasons to Love Pearls

strands of white round pearls
Pearls are unique among gemstones. Perhaps because of their origin and radiance, pearls have fascinated people from the time they were first found in artifacts in Mesopotamia until the present. Pearls are among nature’s most fascinating creations. They are produced by mollusks and come from nature beautiful and ready to be worn.

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Top 9 Types of Pearls You Should Know About

attractive brunette woman wearing a pearl necklace and a beautful double strand bracelet

Created naturally by a living creature over many years, every pearl is unique in its color, luster, size and shape. Pearl is one of the most beautiful and surprising gemstones available. Pearls have a timeless appeal them and enduring and worldwide popularity. Buying pearls for the first time can be confusing you will be confronted by hundreds of different varieties at an enormous range of prices. The two most important distinctions are the pearls habitat (saltwater or freshwater) and how the pearls have been grown, are they natural or cultivated?


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How Many Pearls are in a Necklace?

bride wearing a full strand of white cultured pearls with lace wedding dress and veil
Knowing how many pearls you will need to complete a necklace is helpful for planning the amount of pearls you will need each year. Cultured pearl necklaces are available in varying pearl sizes. You can choose to build a pearl necklace using all small size pearls to create a dainty piece of jewelry or you might prefer a bold look of larger pearls closer to 8 or 8.5mm.

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What are Cultured Pearls vs Real Pearls?

pretty girls face and neck shown wearing a single pearl necklace

Seeing as pearl is the birthstone of June, the timing is right to highlight a precious gem whose lore, beauty, and mystique has been prized as far back as 2206 BC. During Ancient Roman times, Julius Caesar was fascinated with natural pearls. Being that they were associated with the goddess of love, Venue, Caesar would gift pearls to his favorite mistresses. At the height of the Roman Empire, when the pearl obsession reached its peak, the noted Roman historian writer Suetonius expressed that the Roman general Vitellius financed an entire military campaign by selling just one of his mother’s pearl earrings.

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What is an Add-A-Pearl Necklace?

The cover of an Add-A-Pearl pamphlet used by jewelry stores in the 1930s

Add-A-Pearl is a way to create a complete strand of pearls over a period of time. The original gift is usually a single pearl necklace presented to a baby or young girl with one or more pearls on a 14-kt gold chain. Through the years, pearls can be added whenever friends and family wish to make an addition until the necklace becomes either a full strand of pearls or until the preferred number of pearls or look is achieved, perhaps at 16 or 22 pearls symbolizing a sweet 16 or college graduation. Most often, pearls are given for birthdays and at holiday time. Valentine’s Day, Easter, confirmation, graduation and other special milestones offer ideal opportunities to add pearls.

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