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Tips for Traveling the World With Pearl Jewelry

Keep your pearls safe while traveling
If you've got a case of wanderlust, you've likely been pinning new travel destinations to your Pinterest Bucket List Travel board and binge-watching YouTube travel videos. Your adventurous spirit is more than ready to travel again! Unfortunately, now may still not be the best time for travel, and you may have put some of your 2020 travel plans on hold. But that's not going to stop you from dreaming!

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History of Wedding Dresses and Pearl Embellishments

Pearl embellishments on a wedding dress
For many married women, a wedding dress is one of the most elaborate and intricate pieces of clothing they'll ever wear in their lives. Some unmarried spend years dreaming about the wedding gown they'll one day wear, making mental notes about what they do and don't like. They make Pinterest boards and save pages out of magazines, imagining how they'll look at the altar on their big day.

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Less Is the New More, and Minimalism Is Abundance

Pearl jewelry can support a minimalist lifestyle.
In 2014, Marie Kondo published her book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up in the United States and subsequently started a movement of people who became interested in organizing their surroundings and reducing clutter in their lives. Released in 2019, Kondo's Netflix series "Tidying Up with Marie Kondo" drew even more attention to her innovative yet straightforward KonMari method, which involves gathering your belongings, category by category, and then keeping only the items that "spark joy".

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Choosing Between Graduated and Uniform Pearl Necklaces

In a graduated strand of pearls, the largest pearl is placed at the center of the strand.
Cultured pearl necklaces are available in more varieties and silhouettes than most consumers realize. Not only do the pearls themselves come in different diameters and shapes, but the strands are also available in two major styles: graduated and uniform. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the differences between these two styles, so you can decide which one is right for you and plan your pearl purchase accordingly.

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The Meaning of Circles and the Role They Play in Jewelry

From the beginning of the history of jewelry design, circles have played an important role.
Throughout history, the circle has remained a symbolic shape that transcends geography, language, culture, and time. Many people believe that the circle represents concepts like eternity, femininity, wholeness, and the cycle of life. In addition, the sun and the moon, which have captured the devoted attention of scientists, astronauts, poets, astrologers, and many others, are both circles.

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The Complete Guide on How To Clean and Care for Pearls

pearls will retain their beauty and luster with proper care
Diamonds might be forever but pearls can last a lifetime with proper care. Our complete guide will describe helpful tips and techniques that will help keep your pearls in pristine condition. With a little care and knowledge, maintaining your pearls will ensure your pearls look their best for years to come. Our guidelines reveal the best methods to store, handle and clean your pearls in order for their beauty to shine forever. Find out how to care for your pearls and properly handle pearl jewelry for a luster to shine bright throughout the years.

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