Patty Martin and June

(Patty's granddaughter June, photo c/o Patty Martin)

My dad started this necklace form when I was a teenager and unfortunately he passed before ever being able to finish it for me. I never did finish it. My daughter was born and I just couldn’t do it for her. Then my children shared that I was going to have my first grandchild and it was going to be a girl and her name would be June, not born in June but I thought that being my first granddaughter that I would like to give her a pearl for every special moment in her life adding the final pearl on the day she gets married. It will be the largest and center pearl to have an entire strand to wear on her wedding day! I will set aside an account for this to be finished just in case! This is important to me. My dad always gave that one special gift and I want this to be my one extra gift for my granddaughter.

Written by: Patty Martin


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