Nicole Roche and her Super Cute Twins

Chloe and Sophia on Easter

Chloe and Sophia in their Easter dresses

“After having 3 sons, my husband and I were blessed with twin daughters Chloe and Sophia. We wanted something special to give them and Add A-Pearl was perfect! We started their necklaces on their christening day and they get 1 for Valentine's Day and Easter every year. We will also add for special occasions in the future.

Chloe and Sophia Roche on Valentine's Day

Chloe and Sophia with their pearls on Valentine's Day

We love that other family members can add to it along with us. So when they are older they will have a beautiful piece of jewelry made with love!”

Thank you, Nicole Roche for sharing photos of your adorable daughters with us! We are honored that you have chosen Add-A-Pearl to be part of your special celebrations.


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