A Brand New Add-A-Pearl Website!

A strand of pearls is as timeless a classic as Chanel's little black dress, and now we're pleased to launch a new Add-A-Pearl website to make building our heirloom strand of pearls for that special girl in your life even easier. Add-A-Pearl, the perfect girl for a special girl.

For nearly a century lucky little girls and young women have been given carefully selected pearls on special occasions to add to their very own Add-A-Pearl necklaces. Each celebratory event adds beauty and value to the strand of pearls while her necklace becomes a true treasure-trove of special memories.

An Add-A-Pearl necklace grows with the recipient over the years, taking her from frilly frocks to prom gowns to graduations, business functions, and even her wedding day and beyond. An Add-A-Pearl necklace is a keepsake to be handed down, with the special stories behind each pearl on the strand shared so the legacy is continued.

On our new website you'll now find the Add-A-Pearl process explained simply and clearly. We walk you through choosing a necklace for someone, including adding special Add-A-Pearl charms or clasps to enhance the beauty of the gold chain with the first pearl or pearls.

Start an Add-A-Pearl tradition today. How is the gift sent? You'll see the signature Add-A-Pearl box that is sent to each lucky girl as well as the pamphlet that overviews the Add-A-Pearl process. You will also see the special padded envelope that is included to send the necklace to have additional pearls added in future. This handy guide takes you through the process of adding pearls and completing the necklace as well.

All new Add-A-Pearl necklaces are now registered when they are purchased because we want to ensure that every necklace is properly tracked as additional pearls are strung. Do you own an Add-A-Pearl necklace that pre-dates registration? If you would like to register an existing or vintage Add-A-Pearl necklace you can do that now with ease.

In keeping with the simple elegance of a strand of quality pearls, we've created a website that is uncluttered and simple to navigate. At the top of the website you'll find everything you need to start or add to a necklace whereas when you scroll to the bottom of the website you'll find links to additional information.

This is where you can r Start a tradition with Add-A-Pearl. ead how Add-A-Pearl is A Timeless Tradition born in Chicago, Illinois. We also invite you to learn more about our beautiful cultured or natural pearl necklaces by reading answers to Frequently Asked Add-A-Pearl Questions.

Many people want to know more about pearls before they purchase Add-A-Pearl as a gift and we are happy to share our enthusiasm and expertise. You'll find a wealth of information about pearls, including the History of Pearls, information about Types of Pearls, all you need to know about Determining Pearl Quality, and of course the basics of Pearl Care.

We are so proud that for generations Add-A-Pearl's unique gift-giving legacy has created such special pearl necklaces for so many. Now with our new Add-A-Pearl website it should be even easier to make the pearl tradition your own family tradition for the special women you love.

If you would like to learn more please contact the Add-A-Pearl team today.


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