Creative Ways to Honor Mom this Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is just weeks away. That means it’s time to make plans for the ways in which you’ll honor your mother and the other special women in your life–grandmothers, godmothers, aunties...whoever does the nurturing and loving in your family.

To help you make sure Mother’s Day is a success, the Add-A-Pearl team has compiled some of our favorite ideas for making sure she knows just how special she is. We’ve got ideas for those of us on a budget, those of us who love DIY, and those of us looking for something just a little bit luxurious.

On a budget?

Give back: Think of all the things Mom has done and continues to do for family and loved ones. How can you help her? Design a coupon book for Mom with things she would really like. This is a great budget-friendly gift that works really well for little kids, teens, and college students to give, but the thoughtful gift of time and yourself works for any age.

Have fun being really creative thinking of ways to spoil Mom and make her happy, with a range of coupons she could redeem for things like dinner out or kitchen clean up to promising to stop fighting with siblings immediately or spending a day together enjoying her favorite activity.

Work bee: Most moms have a task they’d love to do but have put off in order to care for us. Figure out what your mom would love to strike of her to-do list and then surprise her with a job well done for Mother’s Day!

If she’s always wanted to put in a garden, you could dig it and weed it ready for her to plant her favorite buds. Has she meant to organize the garage, workroom, or another space? Get busy and tidy things up (you could create a collection of throw out or give away items for her to sort through). Or maybe things have been busy and she just really wishes the house was clean as a whistle. You can scrub, dust, polish, vacuum and tidy everything - even the dreaded oven and fridge.

Note: Doing those "humdrum" daily chores can actually be fun if you work together, so make a day of it! You'll be amazed how much visiting, sharing, laughing and loving can take place while you're getting the house ship-shape! (Image c/o

Act of kindness: Volunteer with a charity close to your mother’s heart in her name. Instead of making a monetary donation, you could use your time and talents to make a difference and show everyone what a great job your mom did raising you. Design a card to commemorate what you’re doing for her as a keepsake. If your mom regularly volunteers somewhere, you could surprise her by arranging to volunteer with her.

Artistic tribute: Write a poem about your Mom, or maybe make a play about your love for her (a great sibling group gift!). You could even film a tribute to her and post it on social media for her. (Or send her a DVD or CD if she’s not online quite yet!) It could be as simple as the top 10 things you learned from her or singing a song you know she likes, but as long as it is heartfelt it’s bound to be something she will treasure.

Scavenger hunt: Family time is precious and with a little advance planning you could design a scavenger hunt for Mother’s Day. You could look for things at her favorite places or perhaps find specific items at different fun destinations. Sometimes people do photo scavenger hunts so you could be creative and brainstorm fun photos of a variety of destinations, which you could later make into an album or collage to display.

Try a little DIY!

Go green: Your mother gave you life and other special women have nurtured you as you grow. Why not plant a tree in honor of all that tender loving care? Perhaps you know which shrub or tree she would love best (rose bush, lilac tree or magnolia?) and you can make a ceremony out of planting it for her.

(The above image (isn't it sweet?) is courtesy - from a great blog post about bringing some of the magic of the Dr. Seuss stories to life right at home. It's full of great ideas - bookmark it, moms!)

There’s even time to order a custom outdoor plaque: we love the selection and two-day turnaround on custom outdoor plaques offered by Plaquemaker online.

Make a book: You can go old-school with a book you write and draw in by hand or you could create a photobook online. (We love the options Shutterfly offers for photo books.) You could record favorite memories of Mom and the things you love about her with photos of times you’ve enjoyed together. This is another wonderful collaborative gift if you have siblings or other family members who would like to contribute.

Family tree: Researching genealogy is easier than ever today with so many records online (and we love the ease of could start searching out the branches of your mother’s family tree online or take what she has, build on it, and put together a record of your family. The Family Tree Maker software available through makes it easy to compile all of your research, records, photos, and even audio or video files into something your family will have to treasure for generations to come. 

We love this darling hand-drawn version we found on (below). Even if your little ones aren't quite capable of such fine detail, you could fill in the names and let them add the color!

Something More Extravagant

Make memories: Take Mom out somewhere special and spend quality time together because, of course, memories last longer than things. Spoil her a little with a well-planned spa day or take her for a fancy dinner and to see a concert or play. Arrange for out-of-town siblings or grandchildren to come and spend Mother’s Day with her in person. You know Mom best so think how you could surprise her and sweep her off her feet with a lovely outing she’ll remember for years to come.

Give a legacy: Surprise Mom by starting an Add-A-Pearl legacy for her. For generations the Add-A-Pearl necklace has been a way to commemorate special events and occasions for the special women in our lives, and who is more special than Mom? Present her with a necklace strung with pearls that each represent a memory or lesson she has taught to you. This is a great gift to give from children and grandchildren (and even great-grandchildren!) and to acknowledge a lifetime of love and kindnesses you will never forget.

The Add-A-Pearl necklace is a timeless heirloom she will treasure and be able to pass down. (Friend of Add-A-Pearl Lisa Mia loved her pearl necklace and was thrilled to be able to give it to her own daughter Beatrice Raphaella.) If you’d like to learn more about starting an Add-A-Pearl tradition for your mom, give us a call! We’re here to help and happy to answer any questions you may have.

Revisit the past: Plan a trip to a place you visited together when you were little. Perhaps there’s a family vacation you’ve never stopped talking about or a place you used to live. Arrange a wonderful getaway with an itinerary to enjoy together again on a new adventure.

In Memory

Mother’s Day can be very hard for those of us who’ve lost a mother, but there are ways you can honor her still. Do something kind in her memory or find another woman who could use a little tender loving care to spoil in her place on Mother’s Day. Make a donation to a charity in her memory or take the time to share your memories of her with your children or nieces and nephews. Social media is a great way to share memories and photos of those we love with friends and family on important occasions like this and you may be surprised what other memories are shared with you by others who read your posts.


However you celebrate Mother’s Day this year, we’d love to hear from you and share in your joy! Be sure to share your photos, memories and traditions with Add-A-Pearl on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.


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