Meaningful Baby Gift Ideas

Having trouble thinking of a perfect baby gift for your friends/family? Here’s just a few ideas to inspire you!


Give your favorite childhood book, or your own child’s favorite.


Relating to our blog two posts ago, newborn photo sessions can be pricey for parents. However, capturing these early moments will be cherished forever. This gift is sure to please any new parents as they will always be able to look back at these first magical few days. Check with your favorite photographer. Many offer easy ways to gift photo sessions either by pre-pay or gift certificates which can be purchased online and emailed to the new parents.

Sleeping newborn photo / Michael Kormos Photography


Jewelry is always used to symbolize significant life moments so we picked a few favorite ideas to symbolize a newborn’s birth.

A necklace with the charm being the birth stone of the month the baby is born.

A single pearl Add-A-Pearl necklace to mark the first milestone of her life, her birth.

A bracelet that has the baby’s first recorded heartbeat imprinted into the charm.

Heartbeat bracelet


Every child has that one blanket or stuffed animal they can never sleep without. Make it even more special by making the blanket yourself for the baby so when they grow up they know how much love and care went into making their “blankie.”

Another idea for this “homemade” blanket gift is to make a t-shirt quilt. This gift would be made after the baby’s first few months and with advance notice. Ask the baby’s mother for the newborn shirts or onesies that the child has out-grown and sew them together for a beautiful customized quilt! And when he/she grows up they can have this wonderful keepsake created from clothes they used to wear!

Stitch together baby's clothers that no longer fit to create a custom quilt


A great group gift idea is to plan out the new family’s meals for a month. Each person in the group can take turns making dinner for the family for the first month that the baby is born. This takes some of the stress off the new parents when trying to figure out how to balance time for meals with raising their newborn.

Get together with some friends to provide meals for a new mom


Use the baby’s fingerprint, handprint or footprint to create a beautiful piece of artwork to hang in the baby’s nursery.

For this blog we interviewed a mother and heard her story of the best gift that she received after giving birth.

“When I gave birth to my third baby not everything went as smoothly as my first two deliveries. That being said, the first two deliveries were by no means easy. Anyways, after she was born the nurses took her away as any normal birth but when they came back they told us there was a problem with her blood. Naturally, I freaked out. I remember the nurses poking my precious daughter with needles on her foot to figure out what was wrong. I still have that image in my mind, of my baby’s foot. When everything was settled and she was confirmed to be healthy, that was the image I told everyone. People asked and I always said, the picture of her foot. After telling one of my closest friends this story she used this to give me the best baby gift I ever received. She somehow managed to get her hands on my daughter’s foot and imprinted into a piece of clay. I know it isn’t the most unique of gifts, but to me it has a unique story which is why I love it so much.”

Have a footprint made as a special keepsake as individual as each baby

Hopefully we were able to provide some ideas for getting the best baby gift for your loved ones!




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