Margaret's Vintage Add-A-Pearl necklaces

Another wonderful Add-A-Pearl story to share - this one from Margaret Beasley of Greenbrier AR. Thanks so much, Margaret! 

"In a recent cleaning frenzy, I came upon 2 Add-A-Pearl necklaces, twisted and knotted together in one bag. 

After carefully separating them, I had one necklace of 11 pearls, given to me by a college boyfriend in the early 1960's. The other was 27 pearls we had "grown" for our daughter in the mid 1970's. The package also contained a tiny pearl, still on the card.

I had the idea to combine them into one necklace. Online I filled out a form telling what I had and what I had in mind. After very pleasant email exchanges with Add-A-Pearl personnel, we decided to combine the two necklaces, adding one larger pearl in the middle. 

With efficient service, the necklace was completed. It will be a birthday present for our jewelry loving daughter on her 42nd birthday. 

Thanks, Add-A-Pearl, for helping create this heirloom necklace!"

Margaret and her daughter

Thank you, Margaret, for sharing this story! It is always such a treat for us to see Add-A-Pearls being passed down!

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