Malinda Knight Clay and Granddaughter Reed

Baby Reed props herself up next to a chair outside

Malinda Knight Clay from Columbus, MS. shared her beautiful story about Add-A-Pearl with us.

“I placed my order last night so I would get the necklace in plenty of time for my granddaughter’s 1st birthday. My son and his wife lost their first child (our first grandchild) at less than 5 months old (he never got out of the hospital) so this little girl is a blessing in so many ways.”



Baby boys are gifts to cherish and always remember

“I wanted to get Reed something special to celebrate her first year that I can add to every year as a tradition and to represent how special she is not only to her parents but to the rest of her family. Something that she could keep and that would withstand the test of time and Add-A-Pearl is just that. She represents healing for my son and his wife but they will never forget John Pearson, none of us will.  My youngest son's mother-in-law purchased these for her granddaughters, and I thought it was a good idea to do the same for Reed. Her parents were thrilled! As I explained to your customer service I did not have any luck with surrounding jewelry stores so I decided to go "straight to the source" and so very glad that I did. The product is the same as I remember when I was working at a jewelry store 37 years ago. But your customer service has been outstanding.”


 “The precious 'blingy lightning bolt' shirt was made by a friend of theirs that lives in England. After John Pearson was born, Wesley and Lauren would use this emoticon when texting about him. It was ironic that in the very early hours of March 28, 2014 lightning lit up the sky and the windows of Batson's Children's Hospital where they both held him and said their goodbyes. He is truly missed."

"Thanks for everything and I look forward to adding those pearls each year for Reed."


Malinda Knight Clay

Malinda shared the beautiful Instagram messages Lauren and Wesley posted about Reed. Here's what they wrote:

Wesley:" Happy birthday my rainbow baby. You have helped me find happiness again. To many more and may I never see life without you.”

Lauren:" Happiest birthday to my baby girl. You are one! It’s been the fastest year of my life. You are the light of my world-you are the one who brought me back to life. Reed, you are so very loved. Happy happy birthday."

We’re so touched by Malinda’s story, and we’re truly honored she has chosen Add-A-Pearl to represent the love she has for her family. Below is the link to Lauren and Wesley’s blog which documented their journey and has more information about HLHS, a severe congenital heart defect.

Thank you for sharing with us, Malinda. We wish you and your family peace, healing, and happiness in the years to come.

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