Lynn White's Story

Lynn White, from Garland TX, shared her Add-A-Pearl story with us.

“My husband came up with the idea of Add-A-Pearl, and he thought I would really like it. He actually purchased the initial Add-A-Pearl necklace and pearls. The necklace is for our daughter that I was pregnant with at the time. Arianna was born on January 15, 2015. I plan on wearing the necklace while we grow it, especially on special occasions for her.  So for her confirmation, graduation and other occasions, I’ll definitely wear it, and other times as well~~that way when we give her the necklace, it is even more personal because it was mommy’s necklace and now it is hers.

Add-A-Pearl for your daughter for special memories

We hope to continue to add pearls and then give it to her as a gift on her wedding day. It’s a very sweet idea and we have purchased our first pearls to add to her necklace this past December.”

What a great story and lovely photo of Lynn’s family! Thank you for sharing with us. If you have a story to share, we’d love to hear from you. Connect with us on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.



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