Lorrie Tuck's Add-A-Pearl

We’re thrilled to receive this story from Lorrie Tuck, of Raleigh, NC about the love she feels for her Add-A-Pearl Necklace.

Pearl necklaces have been in the family for generations

“We are celebrating Michael's graduation from high school here in this picture. Pictured left to right is my niece, Jennifer. Her mama, daddy, and I started her Add-A-Pearl necklace when she was twelve. She is now 45! Next is Michaela, who is now 17. I started her Add-A-Pearl necklace when she was 5! Next is my sister Dolly, Jennifer's mother, who has a full set of Mikimoto pearls, compliments of her husband on their thirtieth wedding anniversary! Lucky her! Alas, hers are not Add-A-Pearl, but we are all a family of pearl lovers. Finally, on the far right is me. My mama and daddy started my Add-A- Pearl Necklace for me when I was 12, and I am now 56. (Incidentally mine is the only necklace that is comprised of natural pearls, not cultured pearls, which I love!!) On my pearl necklace, I have pearls from mama, daddy, my brother, and my sister and her husband so it is very special. So, these pearls are very special to all of us, and we all feel the same way-other than wedding rings, these are the only jewelry we would save in the event of a disaster because there is so much love and history literally in every thread and every knot!! We are so tickled that we have found the Genuine Add-A-Pearl Company as an additional source for pearls and restringing, in addition to the local jewelry stores. 
We are all very excited and are very proud of our pearls!!”

Thank you, Lorrie, for sending your story to us.

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