Kelly's Add-A-Pearl Story

Kelly shared a beautiful story about her daughter's Add-A-Pearl Necklace with us. Thanks so much for sharing!

"A friend started an Add-A-Pearl Necklace for her daughter and I loved the idea. We started our daughter Kelsey’s necklace before her first birthday and thought it would be a wonderful gift to give her when she gets older.

Kelsey on her birthday

My grandfather started necklaces for my sister and I, but didn’t finish it so I gave all my pearls to my daughter to start a necklace for her. We buy her pearls for birthdays and at Christmas. Other family members also buy pearls for her during the holidays.

We have a yearly plan set up so we know what pearls to purchase next. By the time she’s 17 years old, her necklace will be done.

We love your company and all your staff, you are always so helpful with any questions we have. And we can’t wait to see her wear her necklace, hopefully at her graduation for high school. It’s a timepiece that she’ll have for a lifetime and will be able to treasure forever."

Thank you for sharing your story with us Kelly! We think Kelsey looks stunning in her birthday photo.

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