Karen O'Hara with Skylar and Bettie


(photos of Skylar, 10 months (top photo) and Bettie , 4 months c/o Karen O'Hara)

I started my Granddaughters Add-A-Pearl necklace Christmas, 2016. We had our first grandchild 7 years ago, a Boy.  When we found out our daughter and husband were expecting their second child June, 2016 we were so excited.  Months later they were told they were having another boy.  After planning, shopping and a baby shower for the arrival of a baby boy, June 17th 2016 labor began and our daughter gave birth to a beautiful baby GIRL. Six months later, our son and his wife gave birth to their first baby girl, December 2016. Both girls were given their first Add-A-Pearl necklaces for their first  Christmas and will receive additional pearls every Christmas, Birthdays, and other special occasions. This is such a Wonderful gift, a special way of receiving a pearl necklace with so many memories over their years.

Thank you!

Karen O'Hara


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