Jim Plus Five Granddaughters

We’re pleased to have received this heartwarming story from Jim about the Add-A-Pearl necklaces he has started for his granddaughters.

The joy of giving Add-A-Pearls to your granddaughters

 “Seven years ago, after my wife died, I thought it would be a nice thing to give my brand new granddaughter two pearls each birthday with the idea she’d have a proper necklace when she turned 16 or 17. Little did I know my kids would bless me with FIVE granddaughters. Now I confess, I sometimes get panicky trying to remember to order the pearls in time. But Add-A-Pearl has been very helpful. And by now they almost seem to know me personally…which is rare in today’s world of online buying.

Gifts of pearls for granddaughters to last a lifetime surprise your new grand baby with a gift from Add-A-Pearl

Their website has improved each year, and now I am able to figure out which of my girls has how many pearls. Maybe I should just set up the purchases on an “auto-pay” basis for the next decade! Now if I can just be sure my daughter and daughter-in-law will keep track of them for all 18 years…especially the one with FOUR girls. Very soon I’ll be adding a fifth granddaughter…Elia Michael. Whew!"

Thanks Add-A-Pearl…


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