How To Find The Right Baby Photographer


Finding the perfect photographer for your baby is like finding a needle in a haystack. The right place, right price, and right person poses quite the challenge. We’ve covered below some of the most important topics and questions you need to be asking before you hire.


Finding the correct environment for your newborn is key for getting that perfect shot. If your baby is uncomfortable you, the photographer, and everyone else in the studio will know right away. He/she will start crying unless they are completely at peace. Be sure to confirm that the studio is relaxed, warm and hospitable so you know that your baby will be happy during the session. We’ve researched some of the best photographers in the Chicago, LA and New York areas that take the time to make sure that your baby is in their happy place before the shoot starts.

Chicago: Bart Harris Photography

Los Angeles: Little Plum Photography

New York: Raquel Frechette Photography


photo c/o Bart Harris Photography,


How much is too much? It all depends on the experience of your photographer and the area in which you are living. As new parents on a budget, it is good to know where you can go for all your baby needs with the best prices. When it comes to a photographer for your newborn, hiring just anyone won’t do the trick, but hiring someone who has been recommended as the absolute best may just break the bank. Outlined below are the three photographers in the LA, Chicago and New York areas where you will get the most bang for your buck. 

Chicago: Heather DeCamp Photography

Los Angeles: V. Kendal Photography and Shannon Lee Images

New York: Le Studio Portrait Photography


image c/o Shannon Lee images,


Last but definitely not least, finding the right person. Your photographer should have plenty of experience. Sophie, of Michael Kormos photography in New York stated, "We've been photographing newborns for the past ten years, ever since becoming parents ourselves. Patience is the key to success with newborn portraiture.  Newborns require plenty of time for feeding, cuddles, and perfecting all the little details for each pose. It's well worth all the effort to create timeless works of art that will be enjoyed for generations." The time and care that Sophie and the rest of the Michael Kormos team takes truly shows in their photos.

A few other points on the choosing the right photographer; take note of the date of your photographer’s other gallery photos. Make sure they have recent sessions uploaded. This is to confirm they have had up-to date practice so you know they are consistently producing perfect baby photos. Additionally, when looking at their previous photos, be sure that they have the ability to create that specific pose or use the props you have in mind for your portraits. Having an experienced newborn photographer also ensures that they know how to comfort your child as they snap that perfect shot.

Again below are the most experienced and successful photographers we have found:

Chicago: Julie Newell Photographer

Los Angeles: Jennifer Koochof Photography

New York: Michael Kormos Photogaphy


image c/o Michael Kormos Photography,

While we believe that our recommendations are very strong, you should also do some research for your perfect fit. Be sure to review their social media, website and feedback from other clients. Also, most photographers offer contact information on their website so you can directly ask any unanswered questions you may have.

Once you have found the perfect photographer for you, remember to dress your baby in the perfect outfit. Try placing one of our Add-A-Pearl necklaces on your daughter’s neck for a pure and timeless look. The first pearl on her necklace can document the milestone of her first smile caught on camera. And, as the months and years go on you can add a pearl to remember each milestone she has reached.



written by: Kari Scott, fashion and lifestyle blogger in Chicago, Il.



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