How to Deck the Halls with Pearls for the Holidays

You can decorate your home for the holidays with pearls

Now that Halloween has come and gone, you’re likely either planning for the holidays or remaining in denial about the fact that you’ll soon need to buy gifts for each one of your family members. If you enter any retail store at this time of year, you’ll notice Christmas decorations, gift ideas, and gift packaging. You may shake your head and exclaim, “It’s too early!”. But the truth is that the holidays will be here before you know it.

Would you like to make your holiday preparations more fun this year? If you always put out the same decorations or simply avoid decorating altogether, then you may want to try decking the halls with some pearls. In this blog post, we’ll share ideas for how you can incorporate beautiful and lustrous pearls into your holiday decor.

Don’t worry - you won’t have to sacrifice any of your sentimental jewelry! You can simply visit your local craft store to buy faux pearl strands, or you can try scoping out some local garage sales or estate sales to buy costume pearl jewelry at a low price.

Pearl centerpiece

Do you love adding a beautiful centerpiece to your holiday table beside the turkey or ham? This year, try something new that all your guests will admire. You can drape strands of pearls from a centerpiece in a tall vase filled with flowers like red roses, white carnations, red holly, white hydrangeas, red peonies, and red ranunculus. You can also consider filling a clear glass vase with loose pearls and arranging your flowers in that vase.

Trim the tree

Most people decorate their trees with the same ornaments, tinsel, and lights every year. Instead, you can guarantee a White Christmas by trimming your tree with pearls! To do this, you can consider using faux pearl strands as you would garland and wrapping your tree with it. Or, you can buy clear plastic ornaments from the local craft store and fill them with them with pearls - as many as you like! Finally, you can take existing ornaments that may look old and worn and then consider gluing pearls to the surface.

Next-level gift wrap

Most of the time, it makes sense to simply buy wrapping paper from the local dollar store, since the gift recipient will end up destroying the paper anyway. But sometimes, a special gift (like a custom pearl necklace) calls for special gift wrap. You can use a strand of faux pearls the same way you would ribbon and wrap the package with it. Or, you can take a single pearl and glue or pin it to the bow. If you’re using a gift bag, then consider removing the rope handles and replacing them with faux pearl strands for a unique finish.

Boost your baking

Many people love to bake during the holidays. Do you enjoy making cakes, cookies, and pies? If you’re feeling ambitious, you may want to try incorporating some “pearls” into your traditional recipes. To make a prettier pie crust, try pushing a strand of faux oversized pearls into the rim of the pie and then pulling away the strand to reveal the beautiful indentation. For cakes, consider making fondant pearls, which you would roll individually from fondant and then toss with edible pearl luster dust. Finally, you can purchase some edible sugar pearls and add them to your sugar cookies, on top of the royal icing.

Now that you’ve absorbed some of our ideas for decorating with pearls, are you ready to deck the halls? The best part about decorating with pearls is that many of these ideas can be adapted for any time of year. Which idea are you most excited to try?


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