How To Care For Add-A-Pearl Necklaces

Two Add-A-Pearl necklaces and yellow gold clasps

With proper care, your Add-A-Pearl necklace will last a lifetime. Pearls are delicate gems and need special attention to maintain their beauty and luster.

Keep dry

Always remove your pearls before swimming or showering. Pearls are strung on silk thread which can weaken when submerged in water. If the silk weakens, the strand can break causing loss of pearls or damage to your valuable necklace. It’s advisable to remove your necklace before going to bed or participating in sports.

Separate from diamonds and gold

Pearls are soft gems and should be stored separately away from other gemstones and jewelry. Harder gems and metals can scratch the pearls’ surface causing damage to their sensitive skins. We suggest you store your necklace in its original box or in a chamois cloth to protect it from contact with other jewelry items. To maintain their beauty and luster, pearls need to breathe. Never keep them in an airtight container or sealed in a bank safety box for extended periods of time. The dryness will cause pearls to become dry and possibly cracked. Pearls love to be worn and the human body provides just the right amount of moisture to keep your pearls in perfect condition.

Last on first off

Pearl experts coined the phrase “last on, first off’ meaning you should put your pearls on last, after getting dressed, after using perfume, lotion or hair products and remove your pearls first before changing your clothes or going to bed. That way, you can avoid the chance of tugging on your necklace and accidentally breaking it.

Avoid chemicals

You should always keep pearls away from household products, chemicals or perfumes and lotions which can erode the sensitive skins on your pearls. Cleaning products containing ammonia and chlorine can be especially harmful to pearls causing them to be permanently damaged. Avoid wearing pearls while cleaning, cooking or gardening.

Use good judgement

One final bit of advice, is to simply use good judgement while wearing your pearls. You be the best judge of the right age of your little girl’s readiness and maturity to care for her necklace. If your little girl has an Add-A-Pearl necklace she loves to wear, we know she’ll want to show it off at school, but the playground and gym class can wreak havoc on her necklace and increase the possibility of loss.  We strongly suggest having her wear it only on special occasions until she’s old enough to understand the inherent value in fine jewelry so she can cherish it for a lifetime!


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