How and Why Twinning Made a Comeback

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Celebrities are constantly in the public’s eye, and many people consider them the face of fashion. Many celebrities push the fashion envelope, setting trends and even bringing back old trends.

In recent months an old trend has resurfaced with much thanks to the rich and famous. If you follow any celebrities on social media or through the press, you have surely noticed that moms are dressing their daughters to match them and posting pictures of their twinning outfits online.

Some people are jumping on board with this mommy-and-me trend, and some are put off by it. Let us break it down for you, and then, you decide.

How it Started

Before we can take a stance on how we feel about the mommy-and-me trend, it is important to understand how it started.

Mommy-and-me twinning dates back to the 1900s and has gone in and out of style multiple times since.

The look was started by French fashion designer Jeanne Lanvin in 1908, according to an article by The Atlantic. Lanvin gave birth to Marguerite in 1897 and realized there was a gap in the fashion market and debuted a high-end children’s line in 1908.

Lanvin’s new line used the same materials and styles that were part of her women’s wear, and Marguerite served as her model and mini-me for the new line. The mother-daughter duo were frequently spotted donning matching outfits.

In The Atlantic article, fashion historian Jennifer Farley Gordon, who researches children’s clothing, said the trend becomes popular in “time periods when there is more cultural emphasis on the family and the mother-daughter relationship.

Evolution of the Trend

When the mommy-and-me trend started in 1908, it didn’t last for a very long time, as The Great Depression sidetracked a lot of luxury industries. According to The Atlantic, when The Depression hit, even upscale women could not afford high-end clothing to match their children.

Eventually, after the economy rebounded, the trend returned, and women were seen matching their daughters while they did house chores, like cooking and cleaning.

In recent months, the trend has made another comeback, but it may look a bit different in the age of social media.

Today, celebrities have been taking to Instagram to post photographs of their and their daughters’ lookalike outfits. The posts are a hit, as followers are loving the adorable and fashion-forward twinning look sported by female celebrities and their daughters as they pose or partake in a fun activity.

While the mommy-and-me trend is popular among celebrities who don high-fashion outfits with their daughters, some think the trend is going too far, calling some of the matching outfits inappropriate or overly elaborate.

Kim Kardashian-West has been spotted matching her daughter, North West, on numerous occasions. Kim and North West were seen at a Kanye West concert wearing the same silver sequin dress. Both dresses wereopen-back, and the matching outfit received mixed reviews.

On the other side, Beyonce and her daughter, Blue Ivy, love to dress up together. The mother-daughter duo wore the same floral dresses and are seen in a video on Instagram swinging on swings. It was well received.

More recently, Kylie Jenner posted a picture with her daughter, Stormi, sporting grey sweatpants and sweatshirt that matched Mom’s. The two were posed kissing and won the hearts of her fans.

The Bad

While this trend has again become popular, it has received much criticism as well.

Those who do not like this trend strongly believe the age gap from Mom to daughter hinders the trend. Some say those with such a big age gap cannot, and should not, be seen wearing the same clothing, as it is difficult for both parties to look good and be appropriate.

Many times the mother may look immature or silly in what may seem like children’s clothing. And on the flip side, some of Mom’s clothing may be too mature and provocative for a child.

Others argue wearing matching clothes shows a lack of independence and willingness to branch out and be your own person.

The Good

Those who like this trend focus on the positive image it conveys. When the trend first started, women who matched their daughters were seen as affluent women who had time to plan outfits, sew outfits or afford high-end fashion.

But, aside from that, and more importantly, those who support this trend believe it represents a strong bond and relationship between a mother and her daughter. Wearing matching outfits shows that a mother is invested in her child’s life and interests. The two take time plan an outfit and each person involved gets to enjoy dressing up and being together.

No matter how you feel about the trend, there is no denying that it results in a mother and daughter being together and bonding.

If you are on the fence on how you feel about the mommy-and-me trend, consider other ways to make fashion statements, while building a bond with your daughter. Creating a mommy-and-me look doesn’t have to be done wearing completely identical outfits. Find ways to create looks with age appropriate clothing for both parties, or things that both ages can wear at any time — such as pearls

Pearls are timeless and can be worn at any age. Complete a look using a pearl and pass the pearls down from mother to daughter throughout many generations.

Guest Blogger,  Alyssa Groh, 22CM Boost



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